People's Climate March Youth Recruitment Interest Form - Regional and Campus Leads
In 2014, half a million people gathered at the People's Climate March in New York City to demand serious local, national, and global climate action. 50,000+ of these folks were youth. And while the political context has shifted since 2014 - from the further rise of social movements, to Bernie's deep challenge, to the democratic party, to Trump's victory - it is clear that we need to be mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people to demand a real democracy that works for all of us.

On April 29th, 2017, we're doing it again. As a culmination of the 100 Days Mobilization, we will gather together to resist the Trump Administration's attacks on our planet and communities. Young people have a crucial role to play in this march. PCM will serve as a huge opportunity to build relationships, develop youth leadership, recruit new folks from our communities, bring them to the mobilization, and engage them in our local campaigns.

Signing up on this form means you may be interested in being a Campus or Regional Lead for the PCM. As a youth recruitment leader, you’ll be responsible for organizing people to come to DC and be part of a team working to build a powerful youth mobilization. The recruitment team is organized in a snowflake structure with campus or city leads being supported by regional/state leads, who in turn are supported by national leads. National leads will make sure you have the resources and training you need to succeed, including learning recruitment and outreach skills, building relationships with other campus or state leads, actually getting your people to DC, and tactics for absorbing folks back into local organizing after the march. This is all about supporting people on campuses and in communities to do the best recruitment and organizing they can!

Campus or City Recruitment Leads (5-10 hrs/week) will be the key people working to recruit students and non students from campuses, communities and cities across the country.

Responsibilities of Campus Leads may include:
- Utilizing social media, on-campus advertising and/or organizing networks to recruit students and student organizations from your school to attend the march.
- Building a recruitment and logistics team on your campus to coordinate outreach, transportation and housing logistics, etc. Resources will be posted on the PCM website.
- Building relationships with community groups in your area and collaborating with them to attend with an eye towards long-term collaboration in a common struggle.
- Checking in by phone with Regional Leads once a week until the march.

Regional or State Recruitment Leads (10-15 hrs/week) work closely with campus or city leads to coordinate recruitment, and oversee outreach on a regional or state level.

Responsibilities of Regional Leads may include:
- Utilizing social media, organizing networks, to recruit Campus Leads from your region.
- Supporting Campus Leads with setting recruitment goals and building out a recruitment plan. Help them build relationships with off-campus community groups.
- Hold campus leads accountable to their goals, and help problem solve challenges.
- Supporting housing and transportation logistics for marchers from your area. Resources will be posted on PCM website.
- Joining weekly call with all Regional Leads and National Leads, hosting weekly calls for Campus Leads.

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You’ll be responsible for organizing people from your campus or youth in your community to come to DC - and supported by regional and national leads!
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Regional Leads will coordinate and communicate with the Campus Leads in your region. Regional Leads are crucial for the success of network building and communication within and amongst regions.
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