Parent Voice Survey
Parent Voice is a project organized by the Parent Network and supported by Idaho Youth Advocates in cooperation with the Idaho Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health. The Parent Network is a group of parents in Idaho that have children diagnosed with a mental illness. We are volunteering our time and working with the State of Idaho to help bring parent voice to the changes currently happening in Idaho's children's mental healthcare system, a program known as Youth Empowerment Services (YES). While we do not have the power to set policy or guarantee programs and services ourselves, we can influence the outcomes with our stories and perspectives.

The goal of this and future surveys will be to gather opinions and stories from parents of mentally ill children around the state so that your voices can also be heard. Together we can help create the system of care that our children need.

A little history: As a result of the Settlement Agreement from the Jeff D Lawsuit, children's mental health services are being designed, improved, and reworked by the State of Idaho. As a parent you can have a voice in what those changes look like.

Please complete the following questions so that we may take your information directly to those who are working to create a better system for all of us and our children.

Personal Information
Please be assured that no personal data such as name or contact information will be connected to the details you give on this survey or shared with anyone outside the permissions you give. We are collecting data like ZIP code because Parent Voice is committed to providing the YES project with accurate information about current systems of care, and we need to make sure we are gathering stories from around the state. If you have any questions about how this data will be used, getting involved with Parent Voice, or sharing your story in a more detailed way, please contact us at
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Zip Code
We are asking for your ZIP Code so that we can summarize information by legislative district if needed.
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We are asking for your county so that we may summarize information by mental health region if needed.
What are the best ways for people in your community to access information regarding children's mental health? (check all that apply)
If you selected "other" in the question above, please tell us how you would like to access information in your community.
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Who is currently the primary decision maker for your child's treatment?
What mental health services has your child utilized in the last 18 months? (check all that apply)
If you selected "other" in the question above, what mental health services has your child utilized in the last 18 months?
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When available, what mental health services will be important to your child and family? (check all that apply)
When the YES project is fully implemented, the following services may be offered to children with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED). We are interested in knowing which services are most important to your family. Please note, this is not a complete list, but an example of what may be available.
If you selected "other in the question above, what mental health services will be important to your child and family?
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Does your child currently receive Medicaid coverage?
Does your child currently have private coverage?
Has your child been denied access to treatment?
If your child has been denied access to treatment, what reasons were given, and what steps, if any, did you take?
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Crisis Experiences
Many families who have children with mental illness have experienced a crisis. Everyone defines it a little differently, but we want to know about your experiences. Please fill out the section below to the best of your ability so that we can help those developing crisis services understand our needs.
How would you define a mental health crisis?
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Has your child ever experienced a mental health crisis?
During that crisis did you receive the medical help you needed within your community?
If you have experienced multiple crisis situations, please indicate what happens most often and give any details you wish below.
If you selected "other" in the question above, please explain.
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During that crisis was law enforcement involved?
During that crisis was a hospital involved?
Do you have a crisis/safety plan in place?
If your child has experienced a mental health crisis, please share your experience with us.
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Getting Involved
The State of Idaho has asked for a strong parent voice during the process of improving children's mental health services. There are many opportunities to have your voice heard. If you would like to get involved, please make sure to include your email address below and check the appropriate boxes.
Please check all that apply:
If there is another way you would like to get involved, please let us know.
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Can we email you information about YES?
If you would like to know more about YES (Youth Empowerment Services) we can email you information as it becomes available.
Do you have any other comments or feedback for Idaho Parent Voice?
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