E-transfer Reservation Form for 2021 Rent The Chicken Rentals
Ready to reserve your 2021 Rent The Chicken rental with a non-refundable $100 e-transfer deposit? Please fill out the following questions in entirety. Within 48 hours, you will receive a confirmation email from a real person with instructions on sending over your e-transfer to reserve your rental!
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We typically mail a copy of a chicken keeping book. If your mailing address is different than your delivery address, please provide that here.
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Do you prefer the standard feed that comes with the rental or the upgraded feed? *
If pine shavings are available in your region, would you like for us to bring a big bundle for $10? *
Please list some information about your yard space in regards to delivering our coop to your yard. Do you have a fence? If so, how wide is your fence gate? Do you have any steps, walls, or other restrictions that will keep us from rolling our coops from our vehicle to your yard? *
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