CON.TXT Volunteer Survey
Thank you for volunteering at CON.TXT 2018!

We'd like to ask you some questions, so we can make a schedule that works with your availability and assignment preferences.

Please complete this poll by July 18. Thank you!

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Our most pressing need is security/registration. Responsibilities: check that everyone coming into the con space has a badge, loan out Upsuite badges, give panels their 5 minute warning. This is a seated assignment. You will always be working with another volunteer with a concom member nearby. Are you comfortable volunteering with security/registration?
If you aren’t able to help with security/registration, please rank these alternate assignments in order of your preference (these assignments are all more active than security/registration):
Setup (Friday morning, 7am-9am)
Fan Fair set up and staffing (Saturday afternoon)
Breakdown (Sunday afternoon, 4pm-6pm)
We will make every effort to schedule your volunteer shifts so that they don’t conflict with panels or other events you’d like to attend. Before we ask about panels, please tell us if you are willing to volunteer during evening events:
Are you willing to work security during the Vid Show/Game Room?
Are you willing to work security during Disco Duck?
Please list any con events (panels, etc.) you would prefer not to be scheduled against:
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Please list any other conflicts you have during the con (e.g., not arriving until Friday night or leaving early Sunday morning):
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