Crucial Question(s) for Midyear Conferences 2020
Twice a year, we stop everything as a school and reflect on the school year, one student at a time. Our student-led conferences have the following purposes.
 To encourage each student to accept personal responsibility for her/his academic performance.
 To improve students’ skills in reflection and self-evaluation.
 To facilitate the development of student's organizational and oral communication skills and to increase her/his self-confidence.
 To engage students, parents and advisors in an open and honest dialogue about learning and progress, both where a student is and where s/he needs to go next.
 To develop student-advisor-parent learning partnerships.

The conference will again begin with each student presenting and reflecting on their learning thus far this year for about 10 minutes. Both the advisor and the parent(s) will be asked to remain in listening mode. Then parents will have an opportunity to raise a "Crucial Question" or two. (This is an element we added two years ago after feedback from our Parent Advisory Group.) Finally, the advisor will share their perspective and any input from other teachers.

Here's what we mean by the Crucial Question(s). What is the one (or two) questions you think is most important to discuss with your child and their advisor during the conference? The aim would be to have an honest, real, unanxious and productive conversation about your question(s) for about 10 minutes. If possible, we would love for you to consider and submit your crucial question(s) by Monday, January 27th. This would allow for both your child and the advisor to do the pre-thinking necessary to make the most of the scarce time together.

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What is/are your crucial question(s)? Please limit yourself to 1 to 3. (Samples: How can we help Angela be less stressed and anxious about her school performance?... If Sayed wants to be a doctor, what are the key things to do this year to keep him moving down that path?... How can we change Lael's habit of getting all of her work in at the last minute? What can get Cynthia more energized about doing her best in math? What are some new challenges or leadership opportunities that Maryse might pursue in school and outside of school?)
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If you do not have your own question, feel free to select one or more of the options below.
Is there anything about the way your child is experiencing school that you want the advisor to be aware of (that they may not know)?
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Is there anything else you need or want with which the advisor might be able to help (eg: information, support, etc)?
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