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Lightning Van specializes in small apartment moves. We're a perfect option for anyone with a single room, studio or even a couple sharing a 1-bedroom. We're also the go-to crew for individual deliveries, from last-minute Craigslist purchases to IKEA pick-ups.

The more accurately you fill out this form the more accurate our quote will be. We understand that you may not have packed yet, but please realize that unlisted items can cost additional time. We move 2-3 apartments daily and use this form to schedule our workday. Most apartment moves take 3-4 hours, but this depends on how well you've packed, the amount of stairs and travel between apartments.

An average apartment move starts at $320. Most stay below $350. We do deliveries, smaller moves, and loading/unloading jobs as well. Smaller jobs can be as little as $75.

The cargo area of our van is roughly 11 ft long X 4 ft wide X 4 ft high.

Please note if you have more than 2 van loads we may recommend that you hire a company with larger vehicles. That said, we can fit a lot more in our van than you might expect and bedding is usually strapped to the roof with reliable heavy-duty ratchet straps.

When in doubt, FILL IT OUT and we'll get back to you asap with an honest & accurate estimate!

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