MCQ Quiz - Data Structures - Circular Linked Lists
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MCQ Quiz Section
1) In a circular linked list, the pointer of which of the following nodes points to null?
2) In a circular linked list, the pointer of the last node points to
3) You are given the head pointer of a circular linked list of size n.You then start tranversing the linked list and stop when you encounter null pointer.How many nodes would you have covered?
4) Which of the following things are best represented by circular linked lists?
5) Your friend, while programming, accidentally changed the location of the head pointer of circular linked list to a different node(different from first node).He now asks you to find the initial location of the head pointer.You can find it in
6) In a circular linked list of size n,you are given the address of the last node.What will be the time required to access the data stored in the second last node?
7) Which of the following problems can occur with circular linked list?
8) Which of the following statements are true?
9) To convert a simple linked list into a cicular linked list,we need to
10) After converting a simple linked list of size n into a cicular linked list,it will take
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