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Statement of Compliance with Beta Tutoring Policy
I understand my child cannot or has not received more than 2 behavior based office referrals to be accepted into this program. *
I understand my child cannot miss more than 2 sessions with his tutor without at least 24 hour of notice to Mrs. Clark or may be removed from this program. *
I understand my child cannot leave campus and return for tutoring. My child must be in attendance for school on tutoring days. If my child checks out ill, I will inform Mrs. Clark immediately. *
I understand that my child must treat all adults and peer tutors with respect. If a problem arises with their tutor, they need to inform Mrs. Clark as soon as possible. *
I understand that myself or designee must pick up my child by 4:00 on any tutoring day. No one is allowed to walk home as there is no crossing guard, and therefore, it is unsafe. Not being on time more than 2x may result in my child not being allowed to stay for tutoring. *
I understand that is my child repeatedly refuses to work with his/her designated peer tutor, they will be removed from the program. *
I understand my child is to report to his tutoring room immediately after the bell and should not go out to the buses or car line before reporting to the teacher's class that is hosting the tutoring. Students not reporting to designated area directly after school without permission from their room monitor or Mrs. Clark will be removed from the program. *
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