Oppose the Use of Military Force Against Racial Justice Protests
We, the undersigned academics, denounce in the strongest possible terms the call by the President of the United States and US Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) to deploy US military troops to disband the protest movements that have spread around the country in reaction to the police killing of George Floyd on May 25. Regardless of any legal authority the President may have, we vehemently disagree with this call to military action for several reasons.

First, the President has employed an overly broad conception of terrorism to include any persons identified as “antifa” or anyone engaged in so-called “looting.” Both descriptors are vague and could easily result in the loss of innocent life. The term “antifa,” for instance, does not identify an organization. It has no official membership, and could describe any individuals or groups defending against violence, including necessary--and legally protected--forms of self-defense. The term “looting” is likewise difficult to define, and the deployment of these terms seem intent on conflating protests with “riots.” Only a small percentage of protestors are engaged in looting or identify as antifa. With the line between looter, “antifa,” and protestor difficult to discern, this could lead to the use of lethal violence against anyone dissenting from police brutality, constituting  a violation of their freedom of speech and assembly. It bears repeating that antifa has never killed anyone, and the prevention of “looting” is also not worth the taking of human life. The fact that these protests involve African American communities, in a society where Blackness and crime are routinely conflated, exacerbates the risk of violence for these citizens.

Indeed, the President and Senator Cotton’s inflammatory statements describe threatening “riots” filled with looters and violent anarchists, in what seems a thinly veiled effort to criminalize these protests in their entirety. Cotton’s call for the military to offer “no quarter,” to show no mercy by threatening anyone the government places in these categories with death, advocates a war crime. The calls for state repression have moved beyond the hypothetical, with hundreds of examples of police brutality in the last few days alone, including the killing of protestors. On June 1, the President ordered that a peaceful and legal protest in Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. be attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Second, militaries are not trained for peacekeeping in civilian contexts, which have wholly distinct dynamics and rules of engagement than war zones. Deploying military tactics in inflamed contexts to “keep the peace” with ambiguous and expansive definitions of “the enemy” holds the potential for significant casualties. These risks are evident to almost anyone with relevant expertise and training. Indeed, Trump’s own Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has criticized Trump’s call to invoke the Insurrection Act for the use of active duty military to quash civilian protests.

Third, such rhetoric also courts the deeper involvement of pro-Trump militias, many of whom are heavily armed, poorly trained, subscribe to white nationalist ideologies, and may react to what they perceive as an official call to violence in support of their leader. Trump’s belligerent tweets, amplified by the media, create a direct line of communication to millions of supporters in a tense moment of social unrest and media confusion, adding fuel to a smoldering fire. This is heightened when many supporters see their leader in political peril and may believe that violent repression of protests will serve his political interests. Some heavily armed right-wing militias have already taken to the streets in order to confront protestors.

Rather than use inflammatory rhetoric and launch a misguided military invasion that will only further escalate violence, lead to loss of innocent life, violate core civil and human rights, and continue to polarize our citizenry and undermine democracy, we urge all police departments--in concert with local, city, and state governments--to engage in meaningful dialogue, which involves humbly listening to the protestors and taking their demands seriously.

It is imperative to do whatever we can to prevent an exacerbation of what are already deeply troubling patterns of violence inflicted on Black bodies by police. These new calls seem to have the express intent on destroying the autonomous forms of organizing in these communities as well as preventing other organizations from joining their peaceful and democratic movements for social change.

For these reasons, we call on all public officials to denounce these incitements to violence and embrace dialogue in civil society to address deeply rooted social inequalities.

Nicholas Copeland, Sociology, Virginia Tech
Shannon Bell, Sociology, Virginia Tech,
Marian Mollin, History, Virginia Tech
Christine Labuski, Women’s and Gender Studies, Virginia Tech
Whitney Hayes, Virginia Tech, Sociology
Ashley Reichelmann, Virginia Tech, Sociology
Sarah Ovink, Sociology, Virginia Tech
Sharon Johnson, Director, Women’s and Gender Studies, Virginia Tech
Wornie Reed, Director of the Race and Social Policy Center, Sociology, Virginia Tech
David Brunsma, Virginia Tech, Sociology
Emily Satterwhite, Appalachian Studies, Religion and Culture, Virginia Tech
James Hawdon, Chair of Sociology, Virginia Tech
Stephanie Quiles-Ramos, Sociology, Virginia Tech
C.J. Micelli, Sociology, Virginia Tech
Christine McCown, Sociology, Virginia Tech
Amanda Burroughs, Sociology, Virginia Tech
C.L. Bohannon, Landscape Architecture, Virginia Tech
Trevor Jamerson, Sociology, Virginia Tech
Ellen Moodie Anthropology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Matthew Gabriele Virginia Tech
Stuart Kirsch Anthropology, University of Michigan
Carrie Seay Fleming Sociology, University of Colorado
Melissa Faircloth Sociology, Virginia Tech
Karen Kovaka Philosophy, Virginia Tech
Neal King Virginia Tech
Steve Striffler UMass Boston
Nicole Fabricant Towson University
Jodi O'Brien Sociology, Seattle University
Mubbashir Rizvi Georgetown University
Susan Pearce
Santiago Bastos CIESAS, México
Biko Agzino Virginia Tech
Liana Lewis Virginia Tech
Ronda Brulotte University of New Mexico
Matthew Heaton History, Virginia Tech
Nusrat S Chowdhury Anthropology, Amherst College
Ronald Walter Greene Communication Studies, University of Minnesota
Mauro J. Caraccioli, Political Science Virginia Tech
Alicia Cohen Virginia Tech
Clare Sammells Anthropology, Bucknell University
Ashleigh Bingham Director of the LGBTQ+ Resource Center, Virginia Tech
Deborah Gewertz Anthropology, Amherst College
Mary E Stuckey Penn State
Robert Elliot Mills Communication Arts and Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University
Helen Mogan Parmett Theatre, University of Vermont
Phaedra C. Pezzullo, Media, Communication, & Information University of Colorado, Boulder
Stephanie Cooke Virginia Tech
Nick J. Sciullo Communications, Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Kim Niewolny, Agricultural, Leadership, & Community Education Virginia Tech
Adam Mitrani
Carlota McAllister York University
Shaun R. Simon East Carolina University
Theresa Rocha Beardall Sociology and American Indian Studies, Virginia Tech
Evan Thomas Virginia Tech
Aleshia Hunt ECU
Larry Browning University of Texas at Austin
Lesley Gill Vanderbilt University
M. Elizabeth Thorpe, Communication Studies SUNY Brockport
Abraham I. Khan Penn State
Kristen Puckett HDFS, Virginia Tech
Rose Wilson The University of North Carolina
Donna Sedgwick, Sociology, Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
Jim Jasinski Communication Studies, University of Puget Sound
Lyla Byers Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies, Virginia Tech
Corey J Miles Sociology & Anthropology, Morgan State University
Amy Morgan Virginia Tech
Abby Waker English, Virginia Tech
Dena Farsad Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
Verónica Ruiz Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México
Shawnice Johnson Virginia Tech
Elizabeth Cherry Sociology, Manhattanville College
Jaime Preciado Coronado Universidad de Guadalajara, México
Brett Clark University of Utah
Thomas D. Hall retired
Amanda Sikirica Sociology PhD Student, University of Oregon
Monica DeHart University of Puget Sound
Claire K. Robbins, Education Virginia Tech
Emily Huddart Kennedy Sociology, University of British Columbia
Steve G. Hoffman Sociology, University of Toronto
Laura Senier Northeastern University
Holly Berman Rutgers University
Danielle Mullins Sociology, Virginia Tech
Nathan Einbinder Latin American Studies, San Diego State University
J. Tom Mueller Penn State
Michele Deramo Virginia Tech Office for Inclusion and Diversity
Maria Scaptura Virginia Tech
Anthony Kwame Harrison Sociology and Africana Studies, Virginia Tech
David Pellow UC Santa Barbara
S. Moon Cassinelli English and Women and Gender Studies, Virginia Tech
Stephen J. Scanlan Sociology, Ohio University
Rocio Moreno Badajoz Guadalajara University
Laury Oaks Feminist Studies, UC Santa Barbara
Laura Landau Rutgers University
Maya Contreras CU Boulder
Jonathan Andrew Lloyd Sociology, Virginia Tech
Isaac Leslie Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Clay Adkins History, Virginia Tech
Anne Patrick Sociology, Virginia Tech
Ramona L. Perez Anthropology and Latin American Studies, San Diego State University
Rohan Kalyan Virginia Commonwealth University
Manoj Misra WCSU
Grace Poudrier Sociology, Northeastern University
Daniel Breslau Science and Technology Studies, Virginia Tech
Roger Austin University of Northern Colorado
Brigitte K Sellinger University of Colorado Boulder  
Jessica Austin University of Colorado Boulder
Austin Fitzgerald University of Colorado Boulder
Daniel H. Simon Sociology, University of Colorado-Boulder
Tara Streng Schroeter University of Colorado Boulder
Jonathan Andrew LLoyd Sociology, Virginia Tech
Zoe Lefkowitz CU Boulder
phoebe gregg Virginia tech
Samantha MacBride Baruch College
Andrea Tilstra Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder
Abby Kinchy Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Damien Patrick Williams Science, Technology, and Society; Virginia Tech
Melanie Ford Anthropology, Rice University
Katie Carmichael Virginia Tech
Nancy D. Campbell Head, Department of Science & Tech Studies, Rensselaer
Kristin Gupta Anthropology, Rice University
Becky Clausen Fort Lewis College
Arion Mayes San Diego State University
Adriana Aguayo Anthropology, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Whitney Erin Boesel Sociology, Independent Researcher
Jocelyn West University of Colorado Boulder
Alisse Waterston City University of New York, John Jay College
Barbara Allen Science and Technology Studies, Virginia Tech
Crystal Carlos UC Santa Barbara
Diane M Nelson Cultural Anthropology Duke University
Nell Haynes Colby College
Philip Olson Virginia tech
N. Bucky Stanton RPI
Katherine Dentzman University of Idaho
Binio S. Binev Virginia Tech
Toni Calasanti Virginia Tech
Matthew J. Brown History and Philosophy, The University of Texas at Dallas
Daniel Aldana Cohen Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
Andrea Terry CSU Sacramento
Samuel R. Cook Sociology, Virginia Tech
Kwanza Price N/A
Justin M. Vinneau Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder
Eileen Boris Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara
Lucien Holness History, Virginia Tech
Ralph Hall SPIA, Virginia Tech
William Barton Colorado State University
Saul Halfon Science, Technology, and Society, Virginia Tech
Rebecca Bartel San Diego State University
Gilberto Rosas The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Adam Lippert University of Colorado Denver
Clare Cannon UC Davis
Suchitra Samanta Sociology, Virginia Tech
Martina A Caretta Geography, West Virginia University
Michael Hughes Virginia Tech
Kayla Harris Virginia Tech
Miriam Ticktin The New School
Bishnupriya Ghosh University of California, Santa Barbara
Erica Jackson University of Colorado Boulder
Mrinalini Chakravorty University of Virginia
Diane Sicotte Drexel University, Philadelphia
Besnik Pula Virginia Tech
Ian M. Whalen Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder
Marta-Laura Suska John Jay College of Criminal Justice NYC
Tessa Farmer University of Virginia
Elif Kendirli City University of New York, John Jay College
Charles A. McDonald Jewish Studies, Rice University
Andrea Ballestero Rice University
Cori Hayden University of California, Berkeley
Patricia Sachs Chess Grand Canyon University, College of Doctoral Studies
Norah MacKendrick Rutgers University
Ana Aparicio Northwestern University
Blade Wagner University of Colorado Boulder
Jessica Lauren Bray Anthropology Rice University
Melissa Villarreal Dept. of Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder
Erin Debenport Anthropology, UCLA
David H. Price Saint Martin's University
Tyler Akonom University of Colorado Boulder
Guy Schaffer Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jackie Orr Sociology, Syracuse University
Pedro de la Torre III John Jay College (CUNY) & NJIT
Nicholas Robbins Virginia Tech
Jill Lindsey Harrison Sociology, University of Colorado
Rebecca Hester Virginia Tech
Amber Blazek Texas A&M University
Sarah Romano, Political Science & Global Studies Lesley University
Annika Rieger Boston College
Melody Jue University of California, Santa Barbara
Carolyn Laubender University of Essex/ Duke U
Joong Won Kim Virginia Tech
Susanna Hoffman Risk and Disaster Commission IUAES
Rachel Hargrave Virginia Tech, Literature
Emma Edmondson Virginia Tech
Kate Ganas University of West Florida
Ryan Caldwell Soka University of America
Kali Rubaii University of California, Davis
Michael Dreiling University of Oregon
Kenneth Hodges English, Virginia Tech
Jennifer J. Casolo Instituto de Conocimiento y Tecnología Maya Ch'orti'
Jeff Attridge Anthropology, University of Virginia
Susan Street, Education CIESAS Mexico
Jacqueline Roeper Lord Fairfax Community College
Jose Antonio Sanchez Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder
Sarah Phippen Virginia Tech
Lorraine Dresch Virginia Tech
Carmen Gitre Virginia Tech
Sophia Lee Virginia Tech
Tricia R. Hepner University of Tennessee
Mary Ryan The Washington Center
Thomas Dearden Sociology, Virginia Tech
Tomas Crowder Taraborrelli Soka University of America
Qiana Williams Syracuse City School District
Melissa F Weiner College of the Holy Cross
Amelia Frank-Vitale University of Michigan
Bonnie Zare Women's and Gender Studies, Virginia Tech
Susan Shepler American University
Anne Cong-Huyen University of Michigan
Liana Sayer University of Maryland
Aneil Rallin Soka University of America
Cecilia A. Green Syracuse University
Ellington Graves Sociology/Africana Studies/Inclusion and Diversity
Keith (“Mac”) Marshall University of Iowa
Ian Barnard English, Chapman University
Darin Ciccotelli Soka University of America
Jordan Brasher Columbus State University
Anne-Maria Makhulu Duke University
Joseph Feldman Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Keri Olsen Independent
Danielle Strickland ITESO, Mexico
Samuel Cook Sociology, Virginia Tech
Alejandro Flores Universidad Ixil
Inaash Islam Virginia Tech
Carla Barrett John Jay College
Rebekah Farrugia Oakland University
Maisha Brown Upstate Medical University
Miriam Ticktin The New School
Christine M Stover Oakland University
Theodore Fuller Virginia Tech
Katherine Roff Oakland University
Charlie Rinehart Oakland University
Sam Srauy Oakland University
Sydney Sweat Virginia Tech
Jason Pennington Oakland University
Ira Bashkow Anthropology, University of Virginia
Thomas A Discenna Oakland University
Shahana Hanley University of Virginia
Karen Nazor Leominster High School, MA
Cintia Quesada UC Merced
Hannah Lyden University of Colorado Boulder
Shea Howell Oakland University
Angela Simmons University of South Carolina Beaufort
Alanna Higgins West Virginia University
Kendra Clark University of Colorado Boulder
Vilma Santiago-Irizarry Cornell University
Michael Mascarenhas University of California, Berkeley
Tara McPherson University of Southern California
Ola Galal The Graduate Center CUNY
Miriam Counterman University of Colorado, Boulder
Valerie Palmer-Mehta Oakland University
Sarah Hautzinger Anthropology, Colorado College
Antoinette DeNapoli Texas Christian University
Melissa Deem Princeton University
Claire Porter University of Miami
Paul Gellert Sociology, University of Tennessee
Ashley Tickle Odebiyi The University of Alabama
Mary Adkins Cartee University of Oregon
Katherine Mercer University of Colorado Boulder
Brigid Mark University of Colorado Boulder
Kindra De'Arman University of Oregon
Kyle DeCoste Columbia University
Catherine Zimmer University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Julia Hanebrink Anthropology, Rhodes College
Teresa Velásquez California State University, San Bernardino
Amber Erbschloe Virginia Tech
Jennifer Cardinal Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Christine Panushka University of Southern California
Gizem Sivri Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
Kate Darby Environmental Studies, Western Washington University
Jayne Mooney City University of New York
Pallavi Raonka Virginia Tech
Kevin Thomas Marquette University
Joseph M. Simpson Sociology Texas A&M-San Antonio
Sue Wilson University of Oregon
Becky Crowe University of Oregon Doctoral Student
Shareen Springer University of Oregon
Katrina M. Powell Center for Refugee, Migrant, and Displacement Studies, Virginia Tech
Judson Abraham
James Spady Soka University
Kellie Hay Oakland University
Ted Swedenburg University of Arkansas
Aranye Joy UCSB Emerita
Jean Boucher Arizona State University
Ritu Khanduri The University of Texas at Arlington
Kristi M Wilson Soka University of America
Adam Murphree Greenville Technical College
Simone Domingue CU Boulder
Perry Threlfall PhD Self
Jennifer M. Bondy Virginia Tech
Catherine Whittaker Anthropology, UC San Diego
Letisha Engracia Cardoso Brown Virginia Tech
Teresa Wilson Virginia Tech
Shannon Farquhar-Caddell Baylor University
Lori Lee Flagler College
Cara Daggett Political Science, Virginia Tech
Cameron D. Lippard Appalachian State University
Lauren Kennedy Michigan State University
Charla Blumell UNC-Chapel Hill
Ronald Waterbury Queens College, CUNY
Matthew Johnson Taunton Public Schools
Natalie E. Cook Virginia Tech
Sean Dowdy University of Chicago
Nicole Zdrojewski Virginia Tech
K. Whitney Mauer Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Madhurima Chakraborty Columbia College Chicago
Timothy Murray Cornell University
Sue Dockstader University of Oregon
Liza Grandia UC Davis
Tracy Luff, Sociology Concord University
Rosemary Blieszner Virginia Tech
Barbara A. Biesecker University of Georgia
Jill Kiecolt Sociology, Virginia Tech
Carlos Barba Universidad de Guadalajara
Shawn Allen Concord University
Chuck Goehring Communication, San Diego State University
Debra Rodman Randolph-Macon College
Shannon N. Davis George Mason University
Whitney Walk Radford University
Sue Scheibler Loyola Marymount University
Keegan S Daley HII Nuclear
Marygold Walsh-Dilley University of New Mexico
Corey M. Peterson Western Wisconsin Technical Institute
Alexander Pratt University of Oregon
Debra Martin University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Stephen Pridgen Concord University
Nicolás Cobo Metodista
Stella Capek Hendrix College
Rick Rudd Virginia Tech
Vicki Wedel Western University of Health Sciences
Sean Lorre Rutgers University
Kimberly Williams University of Florida
Adriana Falco Concord University
Rowena Crabbe Virginia Tech
Alana Rodriguez University of Michigan
Lauren Whitmer University of Michigan
David Wacks University of Oregon
Paige Pettyjohn Edley Loyola Marymount University, Communication Studies
Linda Seligmann Prof Emerita, George Mason Univ.
Takahito Tanaka California State University, Fullerton
Rebecca Baker UC Santa Barbara
Katie Trozzo Virginia Tech
Leila rupp University of California, Santa Barbara
C. E. Dye School of Performing Arts, Virginia Tech
Ayala Fader Fordham University
Fran Mascia-Lees Rutgers University
Ghada Mourad Soka University of America
Emily McDonald John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Kathleen Reed Virginia Tech
Carey Hanlin
Diane Klein University of La Verne
Ian Anderson Virginia Tech
Elizabeth Fine Virginia Tech
Jariah Strozier Virginia Tech
Patricia Raun Virginia Tech
Jessica Shumake University of Notre Dame
Marisela Martinez-Cola Utah State University
Rebecca Mercado Jones Oakland University
Sara Juengst UNC Charlotte
Ryan Harrod University of Alaska Anchorage
Katherine T. McCaffrey Montclair State University
Atilla Hallsby University of Minnesota
Glenn Washer University of Missouri
Marnie Ritchie Pacific Lutheran University
Steve Gerus Virginia Tech
Juan Campo University of California at Santa Barbara
Jessica Sewell Urban and Environmental Planning, University of Virginia
Thomas D. Hall retired
Thomas Archibald Virginia Tech
Ashley Reed English, Virginia Tech
Rachel Lin Weaver Virginia Tech
James Loucky Western Washington University
Jennifer Cool University of Southern California
Elena Nava Morales Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales - UNAM
Stormi Messenger
Shelby Luna
Lea Helou Virginia Tech
Zachary Tucker University of California at Los Angeles, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Rona-Lyn Dizon
Shay Marshburn Catawba College
Claire Raimist Catawba College
Matthew Bravo Sociology, University of Colorado-Boulder
Daniel Tillapaugh California Lutheran University
Piya Banik University of Hyderabad
Patrick Wade Georgia State University
Michael Denton University of South Florida
Jessye DeSilva The Boston Conservatory at Berklee School of Music
Heather Schramm Roger Williams University
Diana Devine Virginia Tech, Human Development and Family Science
Sabrina sales
John Vertovec Florida International University
Mindi Schneider Wageningen University
Amy Cowan Virginia Tech
Brian Britt Virginia Tech
Johnathon Blake Crooks
Sean Bemis Virginia Tech
Dominique Francesca Virginia Tech
Alexi Gross
Alisha Farris Appalachian State University
Jessie Gada Appalachian State University
Courtney Collins
Michelle Bigenho Colgate University
Juliana Vossenberg
Mariana Reinisch Picolotto Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul- Brazil
Sherry Reed
Walter E Little University at Albany, SUNY
Jennifer Burrell University at Albany SUNY
Ian Courts NCCU
Marc Stern Virginia Tech
Adam Murphree Greenville Technical College
K. Eliza Williamson Washington University in St. Louis
Samantha Elam Appalachian State University
Faedah M. Totah Virginia Commonwealth University
Ethel Mickey University of Massachusetts Amherst
Ellen Darden Retired
Chris R. Colocousis James Madison University
Stacey Wilson Appalachian State University
Kristen Smith
Danielle Falzon Sociology, Brown University
Brett Shadle History, Virginia Tech
Skye Niles University of Colorado Boulder
Alan Weinstein Virginia Tech
Erika Meitner English, Virginia Tech
Emily Gregory
Jordan Fox Besek SUNY Buffalo
Janell Watson Virginia Tech
Ralph Bolton Pomona College
Tom Ewing Virginia Tech
Marissa Mosley Florida State University
Joan Pendergast Concord University
Shimantini Shome Concord University
Corinne Noirot Virginia Tech
Ronald Wilhelm, retired
Raphaelle Rabanes University of California Berkeley
Tristian Beck Surry Community
Hannah Lee Catawba College
Marc Edelman Hunter College & CUNY Graduate Center
Ricardo Pérez Eastern Connecticut State University
Alex Cooke University of North Carolina
Joshua Edward Harrell
María del Carmen Caña Jiménez Virginia Tech
Michael Lengefeld Goucher College
Sarah Blake Widener University
Leann Pace Wake Forest University
Joseph Kremer Washington State University
Kristin Cutler Washington state university
S. Elizabeth Penry History & Latin American and Latinx Studies, Fordham University
Sonja Martin Poole Univeristy of San Francisco
Matthew Ezzell James Madison University
Kyrstin Mallon Andrews UC Irvine
Tamara Kneeese University of San Francisco
Susan Roberta Katz University of San Francisco
Jenn Tostlebe Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder
Diana Stephens California Lutheran University
Gregory  Hooks Washington State University (emeritus)
Kouslaa Kessler-Mata University of San Francisco
Desiree Zerquera University of San Francisco
Kristin Cutler Washington state university
Amy Nelson Virginia Tech
Gary Downey Virginia Tech
Jacob Paul Virgínia Tech
Yulia  Chuvileva Emory University
Rachel Brahinsky Univ. of San Francisco
Nicholas Tapia-Fuselier University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Megan Nicely University of San Francisco
Cori Bussolari University of San Francisco
Kyra Pearson Loyola Marymount University
María Lis Baiocchi Carnegie Mellon University
Kimberly Rae Connor University of San Francisco
Cora Olson Virginia Tech, Science & Technology Studies
Samantha Fried Science, Technology, and Society (STS), Tufts University
Stephen C. Poulson James Madison University
Jocelyn Mosser
Cynthia Peecher Virginia Tech
Robert Yarush
Marcia Davitt Virginia Tech
Mason Livers Catawba College
Maria Ryabova University of Pittsburgh
Brian Obach SUNY New Paltz
Lorien E. MacAuley, PhD University of Maryland, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Rebecca Mason University of San Francisco
Moh Shafik I agree
Karen Hult Political Science, Virginia Tech
Adam Hege Appalachian State University
Sadia Saeed University of San Franciso
Monique Dufour Virginia Tech
Deborah Tatar Virginia Tech
Annmarie Taheny Virginia Tech
Brooke Bocast Montana State University
Kathleen Jones Virginia Tech
Suzanne Baker Wayne State University
Steve Roddy University of San Francisco
Yesmar Oyarzun Rice University
Julie Sullivan University of San Francisco
Justin Martin Drexel University
Jessie Cockerham N.C. A&T State University
Cynthia Noyes Olivet College
Andrea Mah University of Massachusetts Amherst
Huei-Ling Lai International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Juliana Friend University of California, Berkeley
Merav Shohet Anthropology, Boston University
Jasmine Castillo Virginia Tech
Saida Hodzic Cornell University
Micki McGee Fordham University
Narisa Chowdhury Virginia Tech
Daria Siciliano University of San Francisco
Anna Muraco Loyola Marymount University
joe pitt Virginia Tech
Lisa Biesemeyer University of San Francisco
Carlos Martinez South Harmon Institute of Technology
Jara M. Carrington University of North Texas
Johnathan Flowers Philosophy, Worcester State University
Robert Boller San Francisco State University
Brandon Janiak University of San Francisco
Lynn Kwiatkowski Anthropology, Colorado State University
Katie Nelson Department of Anthropology, Inver Hills Community College
Richard Shryock Virginia Tech
Marta Savigliano  University of California, Riverside
Steve Harrison Virginia Tech
William Howland Virginia Tech
Natasha Smith
Melanie Kiechle Virginia Tech
Mayo Buenafe-Ze University of San Francisco
Julie K. Norem Wellesley College
Paul Stoller West Chester University
Sara Sagui-Henson University of California San Francisco
Robert St.Clair Dartmouth College
Jacob Lahne Food Science & Technology Department, Virginia Tech
Elizabeth Roberts U. Michigan
William F Coleman Prof. Emeritus, Wellesley College
Steven Monhollen Emeritus, Lexington Theological Seminary
Jara M. Carrington University of North Texas
Cecilia Van Hollen Yale-NUS College
Yuliya Minkova Virginia Tech
Heathe Gumbert, History Virginia Tech
Baird Campbell Rice University
Patria López de Victoria UPR Cayey
Florence Babb UNC at Chapel Hill
Lisa Campbell  Communication & Philosophy, Oakland University
Nola Masterson University of San Francisco
Sonya Grier American University
Molly Hilton Wayne State University
Joseph Masco University of Chicago
Dory Escobar University of San Francisco
Amber Vallotton Virginia Tech
Nandini Sikand Lafayette College
Steven Gregory Columbia University
Heath Furrow Department of History, Virginia Tech
Joe Hiller Cultural Anthropology, Duke University
Barbara Ellen Smith Virginia Tech
Jim Garrison Virginia Tech
Stefan Krause Lamar University
Randon A Sprinkle
Mark Meritt University of San Francisco
Richard Burian Virginia Tech
Miranda Cady Hallett University of Dayton
D'lorah Hughes University of California, Irvine
Kevin A. Yelvington University of South Florida
Jessica Blum-Sorensen University of San Francisco
Allie Robbins CUNY School of Law
Fiorella Vera-Adrianzen Political Science, University of New Mexico
Ralph Armbruster Sandoval UC Santa Barbara, Chicana/o Studies
Desiree Fields University of California, Berkeley
Linda Waldron Christopher Newport University
Conor P. McLaughlin Bowling Green State University
Adam Cobb OSU
Laura Lane Virginia Tech
Zachary Alexakos Virginia Tech
Steven Tulsky University of San Francisco
Crandall Shifflett Virginia Tech
Barbara Shifflett Radford High School
Alecea Standlee Gettysburg College
Karl H Schwerin
Erica L. Williams Spelman College
Patrick Kelly Colorado Mountain College
Suzana Sawyer University of California, Davis
Tatiana Oblazney Slavic Languages, Georgetown U
Elizabeth Chang Virginia Tech
Sonja Martin Poole Univeristy of San Francisco
Martha Copp Sociology & Anthropology, East Tennessee State University
Verónica Quezada Soka University of America
Lucía Chambi Virginia Tech
Laurel Scotland-Stewart University of San Francisco
David Barto Virginia Tech
Cassandra Gee Chicago Medical School
Allan Lumba Virginia Tech
Inna Arzumanova University of San Francisco
Denise Grant, Assistant Professor of Practice Portland State University
Muriel Lederman Emerita, Virginia Tech
Amanda Morrison Sonoma State University
Liesl Allingham The University of the South
Jean Lee Western Washington University
Sarah Carvill Portland State University
J. Edward Frick Elizabethtown College
Luis Fernando Restrepo University of Arkansas
Priya Jaikumar University of Southern California
Thomas D. Hall retired
Jenna Sutton Chicago medical school
Sarah Grace Downs UNC Chapel Hill
Tyson Kreiter
Ruben Campos University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Nicole Aggarwal University of Colorado, Boulder
Nicole McConlogue University of Baltimore School of Law
Neill Matheson English, University of Texas at Arlington
Jara M. Carrington University of North Texas
Rachel Moore Saint Louis University
Ben Chappell University of Kansas
Patricia Henery
Jennifer Barton Virginia Tech
Aaron Samuel Johnson Colorado State University Pueblo
Grace Earnhart Virginia Tech
Robert Minarcin University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law
Anthony Sargenti University of Arkansas
David Fain USC
Marianna  Agazio Salisbury University
graziella parati Dartmouth College
Maggie Rohweder Wayne State University
Jessica Lyons Southern New Hampshire University
Melissa Canlas University of San Francisco
Alison Elward Virginia Tech
Toya S. Jacobs East Carolina University
Bernadette Barker University of San Francisco
Irene Mass Ametrano Eastern Michigan University
Laura Meek University of Hong Kong
Daniel Plotnick University of San Francisco
Isabel Valiela Gettysburg College
Sabrina L.Nelson Department of English, Berkeley City College
Marie McDonald University of California, Davis
Nicholas F. Polys Virginia Tech
Andrew Kulak Computer Science, Virginia Tech
Neferti Tadiar Barnard College, Columbia University
Patricia Boas Portland State University
Marisol de la Cadena  Davis
Terry Papillon Sewanee: University of the South
Yoehan Oh Department of Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Kiran Mangalam University of New England
Kelly Davis
Gillian Tiley University of Pennsylvania
Penny Scott University of San Francisco
Faiz Abidi Virginia Tech
Sheema Shabahang Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Alayne Unterberger Florida Institute for Community Studies
Lesley Doig History, MiraCosta College
Mika Talwar
Xochitk Leyva-Solano Ciesas sureste, Chiapas, Mexico
Amanda Flaim Michigan State University
Jeremiah Bohr University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Jennifer Le Sociology, Bellevue College
Jennifer Guzmán Anthropology, SUNY Geneseo
Randall Morris Portland State University
Erin Bransford Portland State university
Lindsay Edwards Chicago Medical School
Carol Spector University of San Francisco
Steve Estes Sonoma State University
Alison Sibol Mathematics Department, Virginia Tech
Heidi Iverson, Ph.D North Seattle College
Ashley Shew STS, Virginia Tech
Shana Minkin University of the South
Nicole Coffey Kellett University of Maine Farmington
Jaclyn Nadeau University at Albany
Lisa Liseno Florida State University
Maggie Rosenau University of Colorado Denver
Tristan Harty Barnstable
Louisa Rice History, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Rachael Stryker Human Deveopment/Women's Studies, CSU East Bay
Zoila Mendoza University of California, Davis
Joseph Steele University of Colorado
Robert H. Rice University of California Davis
Jonathan London UC Davis
Ines Hernandez-Avila University of California, Davis
Caren Kaplan UC Davis
Kathryn Komorek Appalachian State University
James Igoe Anthropology, University of Virginia
Britland Tracy University of Colorado-Boulder
Pam Stalker Berkley City College
Chris Hebdon Yale University
Jill Schepmann University of San Francisco
Stefano Varese UC Davis
Conerly Casey Rochester Institute of Technology
Patricia Taber University of California, Santa Barbara
Pellegrino Antonio Luciano American University of Kuwait
Chloe Grigsby, Comparative Cultures & Politics Michigan State University
Diane Savarese Rush University
Beth Baron City University of New York
 O. Matthew Odebiyi The University of Alabama
Sarah Glasco Elon University
Charles Walker UC Davis
Julia Gruber Tennessee Tech University
Bhuvana Srinivasan Virginia Tech
Nancy Ryoo University of San Francisco
Melissa Forbis Brooklyn College CUNY
Megan Wawro Virginia Tech
Steve Falconer Anthropology, University of North Carolina Charlotte
Brooke Persons Anthropology, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Jennifer Erickson Anthropology, Ball State University
Richard Stahler-Sholk Eastern Michigan University
Monica Williams
Annie Y. Patrick Virginia Tech
Brian Wright University of North Texas
Elena Nava Morales Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales - UNAM
Melissa Fore Michigan State University
Adrienne Pine American University
Franklin R. Lucas Reading Area Community College
Shelly Biesel University of Georgia
Helen Schneider History, Virginia Tech
Kathryn Randall University of Colorado Boulder
Randolph Haluza-DeLay The King's University
Cydney Seigerman University of Georgia
Janet Abbate Virginia Tech
Matthew Wisnioski Virginia Tech
Megan Farrer University of Georgia
Christine Bailey Western Carolina University
Margaret Sallee University at Buffalo
Leslie R Lewis Urban Studies and Planning Dept, UC San Diego
Marcianna Nosek Nursing & Health Professions, University of San Francisco
Elsheba Abraham Virginia Tech
Jacob Weger University of Georgia
Krista McQueeney University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Jill Kelly Moore Santa Rosa Junior College
Alayne Unterberger Florida Institute for Community Studies
Nora Haenn North Carolina State University
Jeanne Hall University of Oregon
Walker DePuy University of Georgia
Brian Williams Geosciences, Mississippi State University
Emari DiGiorgio Stockton University
Michelle Ausman Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Michael Rosino Molloy College
Gretchen Sneegas Geography, Texas A&M University
Sara Shneiderman University of British Columbia (US citizen in Canada)
R. Tougas Portland State University
Patricia Waters Colorado College
Kathleen Coll U. of San Francisco
Michael Bailey Bowling Green State University
Michael James-Deramo Virginia Commonwealth University
Alison Buck Eastern Kentucky University
Aaron Ansell Virginia Tech
Sirida Srisombati University of Nevada Las Vegas
Peter P. C. Carlson California Lutheran University
Katelyn Dembowski UC Hastings College of the Law, California Lutheran University
Christina Steele Stockton University
Michelle Pribbernow University of Arkansas
M. Ruth Dike University of Kentucky
Jennifer A. Devine Texas State University
Christian Pridemore Marshall University
Ronald Mize Oregon State University
Adam Schwartz Oregon State University
Kathryn McIntosh Oregon State University
Ajay Kumar Koli Pune Institute of Business Management
Celeste Henery
Stephanie Seery-Murphy Sacramento State University
Liam Murphy California State University Sacramento
Stephanie Jenkins Oregon State University
Stephanie Seery-Murphy Sacramento State University
Maria Elisa Christie Center for International Research, Education, and Development, Virginia Tech
Lauren Marsh University of Pittsburgh
Gisela Lanzas California State University, Northridge
Faran saeed Oregon State
Monica Mellini Montgomery College
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