Soyal Youtube Video / FAQ Article Contributors Wanted! --- Submit Video Registration Form
Event Requirements:
1. You can shoot with any audio-visual equipment such as DSLR camera, digital camera, smartphone, etc. Or you can edit the video by adding special effects, transition, and many more to get more bonus points!
2. Video content: Soyal Access Controller about wiring and installation, software training and step by step, or all related videos about Soyal products are acceptable.
3. The video must be uploaded to contributor Youtube channel and provide the video URL or submit the original video files into FTP. Video resolution must be in resolution 1920x1080 pixels or higher and the file format is in MP4.
4. The number of file that contributors submitted is not limited; language other than Chinese and English is very welcome.
5. By submitting the material, contributors agree to give authority for Soyal Technology Co. Ltd. to use the material for various marketing and teaching purposes such as Soyal Youtube channel, official website, PPT, catalogues, brochure, and other marketing advertisement as well.
6. After the approval from Soyal team, contributor can claim the prize (If the materials submitted meet the requirements, the contributor will receive an email notification. If it does not meet the requirements, the material will be disqualified without prior notice).
7. Submit video by uploading the original files into FTP:
ID: SOYAL Youtube
password: soyal
1.Email address: *
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2.Company name/Contributors name: *
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3.User ID on Soyal website:
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4.Model No. mentioned/used: *
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5.Filming/Installation location: *
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7.Submit Youtube video’s URL (If choosing to provide Youtube video’s URL, please tick the box for next question “Submit Youtube video’s URL”) *
Format of Youtube Video’s title should be: SOYAL – Video Title – Date of submission (2019/XX/XX)
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8.Submit video file by uploading it to FTP *
Format of Youtube Video’s title should be: SOYAL – Video Title – Date of submission (2019/XX/XX) – Company name/Distributor name
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