Final Assessment
This form is where you will answer the questions posed in the challenge. Your instructor will give you feedback as needed.
What is your name?
What training and feedback schedule the cheerleader should follow for 3 weeks in order to change her movement patterns?
Should you use a guided approach vs. trial and error? Why?
What are the tasks involved in competitive cheerleading that could put the person at risk for injury? What tasks does the person need to be prepared to do?
What type of practice should be used first? (whole or part), and why?
What type and schedule of augmented feedback should be given when learning the skill initially? What about when the skill is progressing toward mastery?
What type of practice environment would you have this athlete practice in initially? (open vs. closed) Why?
What type of feedback would the athlete utilize intrinsically?
What type of extrinsic feedback would you provide, and what type of fading schedule would you suggest?
What type of practice schedule (massed vs. distributed, constant vs. variable, block vs. random, combination) would you suggest and why?
How would your suggestions change as the athlete progresses towards return to sport. Why? (Consider the stages of learning).
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