ACCS Pediatric Home Health Test
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1. A three-month old infant is monitored for increased intracranial pressure. It's noted that the anterior fontanel hasn't closed and is soft and flat. Which action should you take?
2. An infant has bronchiolitis and is monitored for signs of dehydration. Choose the best method to determine fluid loss.
3. Which medication should be administered first to a child who had an acute asthma attack in a home care setting?
4. What position should a mother position her new infant for sleeping to prevent SIDS?
5. Monitoring a pediatric client for volume deficit you know that the fluid volume is for:
6. Feeding instructions for your pediatric client with gastroesophageal reflux (GER) to reduce episodes of emesis include:
7. Choose the most appropriate method to collect a urine sample from an eight-month old infant.
8. One of the following statements is included in a teaching session for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Choose the correct answer.
9. An HIV infected child is receiving zidovudine (AZT, Retrovir). Select the laboratory study that would indicate that the child is experiencing a positive reaction to this treatment.
10. The safe pediatric dosage of the Phenobarbarbital sodium (Luminal Sodium) Medication is 1 to 6 mg/kg/day. The nurse determined that this prescribed medication dosage of 25 mg PO BID, for child with febrile seizures and weighs 7.2 kg is:
11. Determine how many milliliters will be administered to a child prescribed to receive Cloxacillin (Tegopen) at 100 mg PO QID. The medication label shows: 125 mg per 5mL.
12. A child with an infection has been prescribed penicillin G procaine (Wycillin), 1,000,000 U IM. The medication label shows: 1,200,000 U per 2 mL. What is the milliliter amount to administer per dose?
13. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) liquid, 450 mg PO every 4 hours PRN, is ordered for pain relief. The medication label shows: 160 mg/5mL. How many milliliters will be administered for one dose?
14. Your 5 yr old patient with cerebral palsy has not voided in 4 hours what action do you take?
15. While assessing the skin of your wheelchair dependent 13 year old patient, you notice a reddened area on her right hip. What action do you take?
16. The best time to perform a skin assessment on your pediatric client is:
17. When suctioning your pediatric patient with a tracheostomy you should:
18. Which of the following is a sign of respiratory infection?
19. What is the importance of providing humidification in a person with an artificial airway?
20. Which of the following are indications for suctioning a patient with a trach?
21. A tracheotomy change should be done using:
22. While documenting the care of your home health client you realize you did not document some important observations during your shift yesterday. What action do you take?
23. Nurses completing incident reports following medication errors should be sure to do all of the following except:
24. Which of the following observations would indicate that the nurse should withhold a tube feeding>
25. What intervention can a nurse take with a 2yr old client with a g-tube who continues to pull at the tube
26. Before beginning a tube feeding via an NG tube in your 1 year old client the nurse should:
27. Your pediatric client has a low grade fever of 100.5, is pulling at her right ear, is refusing her bottle, and is irritable. You call the doctor because you suspect:
28. Your client is admitted to the hospital with RSV. Which of the following is appropriate teaching for the family?
29. When assessing the respiratory rate of a 10 month old infant:
30. Your pediatric client is having a grand mal seizure. You:
31. The same client in question 30 has stopped seizing. What is your first priority?
32. Your 10 year old cerebral palsy patient has blood in her diaper (no stool is present). What action do you take?
33. A toddler is taking an antihypertention medication. What B/P reading would alarm you?
34. Your 6 month old client has RSV. The best way to prevent the spread of the infection is:
35. During a g-tube change you meet resistance when inserting the new tube. What actions do you take first?
36. The best way for a nurse to develop a good relationship with a client's family is by:
37. What is a nurse's legal responsibility for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect?
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