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How would being supported over the next 3-12 months help you in your personal and professional relationships? How about in your relationship to self? *
Have you invested in other courses, coaching or read books to support your awareness journey?  If so, please list below. *
On a scale from 1-10 (with 10 being the most important), how important is it to you that you reduce stress, experience balance and learn how navigate life transitions smoothly and effortlessly? *
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How much would you be willing to pay to receive the support to reduce stress, anxiety and learn to navigate difficult transitions smoothly in life? (This is not a commitment of services) *
How would you feel if next year this time you were in roughly the same place as you are right now?   *
If accepted as one of Teresa's clients, how much time can you commit weekly to Becoming Aware® sessions and practices? *
If your application qualifies you for a free breakthrough session and Teresa selects you, why do you think you would be a good fit for coaching? *
I understand this isn't a coaching call and that I'm applying for this breakthrough session to explore my options to join Becoming Aware Mind, Body or Soul paths and for the opportunity to potentially work with Teresa. I also understand that if I fail to attend my breakthrough session, there is no rescheduling. *
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