Calhoun County Candidate Endorsement Form
Instructions: If it is your intention to run for an office with support from the local Calhoun County Democratic Party, we ask that you please take a moment to complete our online endorsement application. Please be sure to complete all parts of the form. Incomplete applications may not receive full consideration from the endorsement committee. In order to be eligible for an endorsement, candidates must do the following:

1. Complete the online application
2. Have officially filed to run as a Democratic candidate
3. Complete an in person or phone interview with the CCDP Endorsement Committee
4. Be a registered Democrat in good standing

Things to consider when making a request for an endorsement from the CCDP:

A) Candidates must be able to articulate a clear path to victory by presenting a campaign plan to the Endorsement Committee during the interview process.

B) It is strongly recommended that all candidates wishing to receive an endorsement from the CCDP attend a general membership meeting. A personal appearance may garner more support towards an endorsement from both the membership and members of the Endorsement Committee.

PLEASE NOTE: If a candidate meets the above criteria, we will consider them for an endorsement. In no way is the completion of this application signifying an official endorsement. This is part one in a multi-step process.

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