House Republican Leader Jim Durkin's 2017 Legislative Survey
House Republican Leader Jim Durkin wants to hear from you!
1.) There are many important challenges faces the state. Please rank the following in order of importance to you (1=most important, 11=least important)
Reducing State Debt
Health Care
Improving Education
Crime/Public Safety
Environmental Protection
Creating Jobs/Economic Development
Reforming State Pensions
Passing a Balanced Budget
Rebuilding Infrastructure, i.e. roads and bridges
1B) If you rated other in question number 1, please explain your answer:
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2.) Have you or someone in your household been affected by the lack of a full state budget?
3.) If your answer to question #2 is yes, please explain:
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4.) Do you support efforts to further limit property tax increases even if it could have an adverse impact on local governments or schools to meet their obligations?
5.) Do you support taking the legislative map-drawing process out of the hands of legislators?
6.) Would you support an income tax increase if those dollars were dedicated to reducing the state’s $12 billon bill backlog?
7.) Would you support an income tax increase if those dollars were accompanied by spending cuts?
8.) Do you support gaming expansion in Illinois, such as additional land based casinos or slot machines at horse racing facilities?
9.) Do you support or oppose consolidating local townships for the purpose of reducing the size of government?
10.) Do you support the elimination of unfunded mandates for public schools and units of local governments; for example waiving physical or drivers education requirements or electronically posting public notice requirements rather than publishing in the newspaper?
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