Luis Toledo for NC Senate District 16 May 8th, Election Day Voter Greeting Shifts
Join Team Toledo and come out on Election Day and help get Luis Toledo elected as the Democratic Candidate for NC Senate District 16! Greet voters as they arrive to vote, and make sure they know about Luis and understand why he is the best candidate. Please, sign up for as many shifts as you can, and share this sign up with other you know who will want to help Luis win!

We have 45 precincts to cover that day, so we need all hands on deck that day, and we will celebrate together that evening. More information that you will need about Election Day, and that evening, will be emailed to you as the day draws nearer. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at

At the bottom, there will be space to indicate if there is any portion of a shift you cannot cover. Also, You can let us know if you would like to "adopt" a precinct/polling place - coordinate coverage for the day.

Thanks Team Toledo

Primary Election Day: May 8, 2018 6:15 AM - 7:45 PM

Precincts in NC Senate District 16
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This link will take you to a list of all precinct polling places in Wake County. You can look up the address of precincts you may be interested in covering. The map above shows the area each precinct covers.
Precinct 04-01
Precinct 04-02
Precinct 04-04
Precinct 04-05
Precinct 04-08
Precinct 04-09
Precinct 04-10
Precinct 04-11
Precinct 04-13
Precinct 04-14
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Precinct 04-16
Precinct 04-17
Precinct 04-18
Precinct 04-19
Precinct 04-20
Precinct 04-21
Precinct 05-01
Precinct 05-03
Precinct 05-05
Precinct 05-06
Precinct 05-07
Precinct 05-08
Precinct 07-01
Precinct 07-02
Precinct 07-07
Precinct 07-07A
Precinct 07-10
Precinct 07-12
Precinct 08-02
Precinct 08-03
Precinct 08-05
Precinct 08-06
Precinct 08-08
Precinct 08-09
Precinct 08-10
Precinct 08-11
Precinct 11-01
Precinct 11-02
Precinct 20-04
Precinct 20-10
Precinct 20-14
Precinct 20-15
Precinct 20-16
Precinct 20-17
Please note here if there is any part of a shift you sign up for that you cannot cover.
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I would like to "adopt" a precinct for the day! I will coordinate coverage for the following precinct/polling place:
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