2020 Cross Country form
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typical regular t-shirt 50% cotton/50% polyester
Email you wish to be contacted at. (If you want o list more than the one you filled in above)
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My family is on the remind text group (if you are in the indoor or outdoor track ones already you only need to be in one!) *
Uniform status *
Do you need a uniform? (Need to order by 8/14) order form will be posted on warhawksports.org The uniform is the same as the one from cross country or indoor/outdoor track last year.
I can make all of the meets *
Meet dates are as follows Saturday meets - top 25ish each gender : 9/12 and 10/17, top 10-15 10/3. Weekday Meets for those that not racing/miss a Saturday meet and for some younger athletes to get more race experience 9/2, 9/22, 10/13, plus the FC JV Race on 10/29 (#11-20? per gender (maybe more) Post season: top 10 race at districts 10/21, then top 7 race with 3 alternates Regionals 11/5 States 11/14
Which meets do you need to miss and why? See above description for how many run in each meet. *
Put "none" if there are no conflicts. Fill in the other box with the reason you can't make the meet (IE I am JV so I won't be at the Great American Meet on 10/3)
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