Early Vote Support @ North Shore Branch Library
Thank you so much for doing all you can to help Democrats WIN!

This job is being present OUTSIDE Early Voting sites to hand out the Democratic Voter guides (SOCIALLY DISTANCED). You will let voters know you have the Democratic recommendations and that they can pick one up from the table (6 ft away from you). It's really that easy, yet it's critically important!

We will provide you with a T-shirt, a sign, a small table to place the voter guides on and the Voter guides. Additionally, there will be a training at the end of next week via Zoom where we can meet and discuss all the details. We need you on our Team!

**NOTE: Please sign up for as many shifts as you possibly can. This is the last chance to make a difference!
(A minimum of two shifts is required).
The shifts listed below reflect those shifts that have not yet been filled.

Thank you so much for being the change!
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Shifts Thursday 10/29
Morning 7 - 11
Shifts Friday 10/30
Morning 7 - 11
Evening 3 - 7
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