InMotion Coffee talk
To stay connected with all of you in these times, and to give you something else to do from the comfort of your own home, we present the InMotion coffee talks!

You can request a personal chat over a coffee with one (or more) of our members! In this way you can get to know the team, what we do, and everything you want to know! You can sign up for the talks with this form, where you can indicate what date and time you want to have the coffee with one of our team members!

We cannot guarantee the member you indicated will be free at that time, you will be contacted to discuss another date or time if that is the case. If you want to have coffee with more than one team member, please submit the form multiple times for each member you want to chat with.

The coffee talk will take place in Microsoft Teams. We will send you an invite to the meeting with your preferred team member.

Hope to see you soon!

Team InMotion
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