Buckeye Generation Learning Community
This application is for students who wish to be a part of the Buckeye Generation Learning Community at The Ohio State University at Newark. This learning community is for first semester first generation freshman starting in the Fall semester.

Please answer the questions below. These are not essays, but we would like at least one well written paragraph for each.

Applications are currently being accepted until program is full.

There are 120 spots.

We will start a wait list once those spots are filled.

While students are not obligated to accept our offer of admission or to pay the OSU acceptance fee by April 1st, opportunities to be included in one of our learning communities do fill up quickly. We encourage you to pay your OSU acceptance fee as soon as you know you want to attend Ohio State Newark.

*A note to parents and guardians–it is very important to have the student fill out the application. The application allows us to learn more about your student & it will help them to clarify their goals for college. If your student is reluctant to complete the application, that is ok! If this is the case it is a great time to talk to them about what they want out of college. We have found that Buckeye Generation Learning Community students whose parents filled out the application, or “made” them do it, did not take advantage of the support provided in the program. Encourage them to fill out the application, but don’t force them or do it for them. They need to find their own path.

We look forward to reading your responses!!
The Learning Community Staff
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For example: should you be accepted into the learning community, a peer mentor may reach out to you to congratulate you, or send you updates.
Transitioning from high school to college can be challenging. What do you think your personal challenges will be and how can the learning community help you? *
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Tell us about a time that you faced an obstacle in your life, how you overcame it, and what you learned from it. *
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In college you become your own academically and personally independent. Tell us about how you plan to manage your time once you begin college and tell us what is your best academic habit that will help you be successful your first year? *
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Why do you want to be a part of The Buckeye Generation Learning Community? *
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Do you expect to receive college credit for Psychology?
Either AP credit or College Credit Plus
Do you expect to receive college credit for Anthropology?
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Do you expect to receive college credit for Art Education?
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Have you been accepted to Ohio State Newark campus? *
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Have you registered for an orientation at Ohio State Newark yet? *
Are you a first time freshman? *
You are new to college, not a transfer student. High school college credit is fine.
Are you a first generation student? *
Neither of your parents have received a bachelor's degree.
Do you plan to request housing in the Newark Campus Residence Halls? *
*Students must submit the required paperwork and pay the necessary fees directly with the Housing Office in Columbus by April 13th to be considered for housing. Please see the Housing tab for more information.
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