ArtFest 2019 - Submission

The ArtFest 2019 team would like to thank you for your interest in participating in our art exhibition this year.

Before filling out the form, please note the following:

- it is possible to submit multiple pieces, however please submit each artwork in a separate form. If you are submitting a series of artwork, please submit it in only one form - but please upload only one file for the entire series.

- our team will check every submission and we will contact you if we have any questions. In the case of a performance, we will be in touch for a small trailer thereof.

- this year's exhibition is curated by colors. Different emotions are categorized by colors and will be exhibited close to artwork of similar emotions. At the end of this form, you can find the colors our team has picked and a brief description of them. Please select the color which best suits your artwork. If you have any questions regarding the color themes, please feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to working together with you!

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We will not forward your phone number to anyone outside of the ArtFest PR team.
Would you like to submit anonymously? *
If you would like to submit your artwork anonymously, please indicate so. Your personal information will not be forwarded to anyone outside the ArtFest PR team and your name will not be displayed on your artwork.
Please upload a photo of your artwork. *
In the case of a photograph, please upload the photograph. In the case of a performance, please upload a video of the performance. Note that the maximum file size is 1GB.
What kind of medium do you submit? (select only one option) *
If applicable, please give us the measurements of your art work
What emotions does your submission express? (you may select multiple options) *
Note that the given emotions are just examples. Please do not feel restricted by the descriptions. If none of the colors suit, please select the color white.
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