Community Housing Survey
Housing Matters Union County is a housing collaborative made up of local residents and agency members. This survey is being conducted to better help us understand the wants and needs of our community where housing is concerned. Please complete this survey only one time, whether in paper form or online. Kindly return completed surveys to: NEON - 2008 Third St. Ste. A, La Grande, OR 97850, or by email
Realistically, how much do you think can be done to solve the problem of housing affordability: *
It is important to have plenty of moderate and low-income housing because someone in my own family, or I, might need it one day. *
Investing in affordable, quality housing is investing in children and their future. *
Families need affordable, quality housing in order for their members to be healthy, contributing members of their community. *
Unstable, poor quality housing situations and frequent moves make it difficult for adults to secure and maintain jobs and take a negative toll on their physical and mental well-being.
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When individuals with chronic health issues have stable, affordable homes it reduces the need for many services. *
To address the problems of housing affordability, local, state or the federal government should do more to allow developers to build more housing units if they include units that are affordable to families making less than fifty-thousand dollars a year. *
When people have difficulty securing safe and affordable housing it is usually due to their own poor choices in the past. (bad credit, criminal history, etc) *
I would have concerns living next to a subsidized property or if my neighbor were considered low-income. *
If you answered "agree or strongly agree' to the previous question, please share your concerns.
Are there any thoughts you would like to share about housing in Union County?
Do you have any children under the age of 18 in your household?
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What zip code do you reside in? *
Do you own or rent your current residence? For the purpose of this survey, you own your home even if you have an outstanding debt that you owe on a mortgage. *
Please tell us what age bracket you belong in.
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What is the combined annual income range of your household?
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If you wish to know more about Housing Matters Union County, please leave your contact information below and we will be happy to follow up with you.
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