CLD&J Teen Book Box Registration
Every other month we will be offering a special service to teens (grades 5-12): Teen Book Boxes. Due to the health concerns associated with the pandemic, we've replaced the box with a bag for you to keep or discard. Each participant’s bag will feature a new teen book in one of the genres you request and some treats and surprises too.
You will be notified when your bag is available for pickup. Please return the book and the completed book review slip to be eligible for the next Teen Book Box. Your honest feedback helps us when we are selecting books for you.
2021 Application Deadlines: Teen Book Boxes are limited to the first 20 applicants. Please follow the deadlines listed below when submitting your registration. Responses submitted after the deadline will be deferred until the following month.
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Select 2 or more options of genres and/or qualities you enjoy in the books you choose. Note: Selecting more options allows us to choose from a broader range of new books. *
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