Ferst Readers 2020 Parent Survey
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1. Who reads aloud to your child? (Check all that apply.) *
2. How often do you and your child read together? *
3. Do you and your child (or children) do anything differently at home since receiving Ferst Readers books every month? *
4. If you answered yes to question 3,  what is different? (Check all that apply.)
5. Do you have other children's books at home besides the Ferst books you receive every month? *
6. About how many picture books do you have for your child at home? *
7. Do you read the parent newsletter that comes with each month's book? *
8. If you answered yes to Question 7, how often do you read the newsletter?
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9. Do you use the guides in the newsletter that shows different ways to read the  book with your child each month? *
10. Any thoughts or comments about the reading guides?
11. What could we do better?
12. Do you subscribe to early literacy text alerts like Ready4K or use apps like Vroom? *
13. Where do you go for help with parenting? *
14. Which method of contact do you prefer? *
To WIN a $50 gift card or a selection of books for your child, please provide the following information:
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If you provided an email contact: May we include you on our email communications (for upcoming events, programs, news, etc.)?
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We are always looking for encouraging stories to share about the value of our program. May we contact you about your child's participation in the Ferst Readers Program?
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Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about your child's participation in our Ferst Readers program?
2020 Ferst Readers Parent Survey
If you have any questions or would like more information on how you or someone you know can volunteer with or donate to your local Ferst Readers Community Action Team, please call us at 706-343-0177 or email us at info@ferstreaders.org.
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