We are in the process of providing teachers with more information about IditaReads. We'd love to hear if you hold an IditaRead in your classroom or school or if you have questions or would like us to help you hold an IditaRead at your school. Thanks for taking time to answer these questions. We greatly appreciate your thoughts and know that you are so busy! Thank you so much! Diane Johnson
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If your students participate in an IditaRead, please briefly tell us about the project. (When is it held or how long is it held, what's the procedure -do students read a number of minutes, pages, or books, what results do you as an educator see? etc.) Would you be willing to share your project on our website?
Let us know if there is anything else you want us to know or would like to share or ask. Thanks so much!
If you do not use an IditaRead with your students but you'd like to or have questions, please share. We'll be in touch! Thank you so much!
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