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Please share with us your opinion on Oko! Magazine, print and online.
Where do you most often read Oko! Magazine articles? (multiple answers possible)
How often do you read Oko! Magazine articles
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How much of an issue do you usually read?
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The entire magazine
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Do you keep the magazine after reading it?
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What part of Oko! Magazine do you find most interesting? (multiple answers possible)
Is there any other type of content you would like to see in Oko! Magazine?
Would you be interested in receiving Oko! Magazine directly to your residence for a small delivery fee? (30ck)
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Is there any other improvement you would like to suggest to Oko! Magazine's team?
About Our Readers
What age category do you belong to?
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What area of Prague do you live in?
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What level of education do you have?
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With your current income you are?
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Where/how did you find out about Oko! Magazine
What stage of your career are you at?
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When online how do you spend your time? (multiple answers possible)
What are your preferred social media platforms? (multiple answers possible)
What monetary value (in Czech crowns) would you give to an edition of Oko! Magazine?
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