PMBS Survey
The Professional Mediator Board of Standards (PMBS) is asking for your help. We have developed a survey regarding the establishment of a credentialing process that would be based on more than education, training and experience. We are in the process of developing an assessment protocol designed to measure family mediator expertise. Please help us by completing the attached survey and returning it as soon as possible.

Thanking you in advance for agreeing to participate in this survey. We value your opinions as to the establishing of a mediator Charter Membership status - Chartered Professional Family Mediator, Ch.PFM. If you are currently a practicing professional family mediator*, please answer the following questions.

*A professional practicing family mediator is someone who puts themselves out as a mediator and who provides mediation services in separation, divorce, and custody matters either privately or in an organization such as the court or a government agency working with both parties pursuant to an agreement to mediate.
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