Siobhan Davis Street team form

You must complete this form if you wish to join Siobhan's Squad, author Siobhan Davis's Street Team. To join this team you need to have read and reviewed at least one of Siobhan's books with a 4 or 5-star rating. After completing this form, please also submit a request to join the facebook group:
One of the admins will check your information and if you meet the requirements you will be accepted into the facebook group, this can take a few days.

About the Street Team:
The street team group is on Facebook.

The author will share important, exclusive updates in relation to her work - for example, details of forthcoming releases, cover reveals, blog tours and other events, discounted and free promotions, and other book related news. All such information must be kept confidential and not shared outside the group unless the author has confirmed it is okay to share.

Members of this Street Team agree to support and promote the author and help spread the word about any book related news/events through use of their own social media profiles/blog and street team group related accounts.

As a member of this group you agree to abide by the following rules:
- Interact with the street team at least once a month
- Be respectful to fellow members, other authors and reviewers.
- Be respectful in any posts or comments.
- Be mindful of any younger members of the group when posting any "mature" content.
- No foul offensive language or graphics, no slanderous or vulgar remarks etc.
- No distribution of free review copies to third parties (where you are on the author's ARC team.)
- No self-promotion is permitted unless there has been prior approval by one of the admins.

You can opt out at any time by messaging group admin (Siobhan or Lola). Where a member doesn’t contribute or participate in the group within a three month period they may be contacted to ask if they wish to remain a member. If someone is inactive for six months their membership may be revoked.

All members are free to discuss any book related topics or reading suggestions (Siobhan's or other authors). All members are free to discuss any non-reading topics as appropriate.

Please display the Street Team member button on your blogs and facebook/twitter pages as appropriate/relevant.

Thanks for your interest in joining the team!

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