NestWatch Bulk Upload Metadata Form
This is a form to gather metadata about candidate datasets that could potentially be uploaded to NestWatch. We use your responses to send you the correct template and follow-up information. We typically send follow-up emails within ten working days, but please allow more time around holidays and during peak nesting season.
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How many nest records would you like to upload?  (Note: due to limited staff capacity, we are only able to upload datasets of 100 records or more.)
Will you be reporting nest boxes, open-cup nests, or both? *
Do your nest sites already exist within NestWatch? *
Do you have coordinates for your nest locations? *
Nests with a specific coordinate are preferred, although we can accept less precise locations.
If you have latitude/longitude information, how was it collected? *
How much detail do you have for your nest attempts? *
What year(s) are you including? *
Is there anything we should know about this data set?
e.g., simultaneous banding, experimentation, or other concurrent factors that set your data apart
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