KinkFest UK 2020 Presenter Application
Event Timing: 9th-11th October 2019
Event Address: Xtasia, 140 High Street, West Bromwich, B70 6JJ
Contact us: or


All presenters will be entitled to a free entry ticket for the weekend of KinkFest UK. If you require a demo model/assistant, then that person will also be entitled to a free ticket.

We will pay you up to £100 for accommodation expenses (accommodation only, not sustenance) on production of a receipt. It's up to you where you stay and how you divvy up the expenses we pay between yourself and any assistant you need.

We will also pay reasonable travel expenses and, so that we can budget, we will be asking you for the amount you will be claiming at this point when you apply to be a presenter (i.e. later on in this form).

By negotiation, we may be able to pay for incidental material expenses you may incur in order to be able to present your workshop. Let us know on this form and we will discuss it with you.

Applying to be a presenter does not guarantee that we will accept your offer as we have many and need to try and balance the programme.

We endeavour to promote presenters from under-represented groups, including women, queer, trans and non-binary folks, disabled people and people of colour.

All presenters either need to be known by us to be safe or we will ask for references.

Please remember that KinkFest UK is entirely non-profit. Any surplus we have from ticket sales after expenses is ploughed back into next year's event and/or we donate to relevant causes such as Backlash.

If your application is successful, we will notify you and send you a code so that you can register with our ticketing partner (Eventbrite) at a 100% discount (i.e. at no cost to yourself).

If the code has not been used within 21 days or you have otherwise contacted us about it, we will assume that you no longer wish to present and we'll offer the slot to someone else.
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