Permaculture Design + Naturopathy Course - Ananda Nagar 2019
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We have fixed costs for the Yoga Wellness Centre to pay their trained staff and keep the project running. We have tried to keep cots down to a minimum to make it affordable, however we welcome people to donate extra if they can. Rakesh needs to raise enough to cover food accommodation and travel expenses for 2 people, plus €1000 teaching fee, so approx €3000. This amount is to be covered between all students (i.e €300 each if there are 10 students or €200 each if we reach the maximum 15 students, so we invite those who can afford more to contribute more, to balance out those who cannot afford as much. Hence we have a range of prices which you can donate according to your ability to contribute.
Permaculture Design Course fees *
This includes 2 full days of sociocracy, plus 22 half days of permaculture
Naturopathy Course fees *
This is for 22 daily classes
Naturopathy Treatment fees *
This is for 22 daily treatments
Food and Accommodation
Food and Accommodation Cost *
This is a fixed fee for 28 days, and includes all meals, including if you choose to have a cleansing program
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Food special needs
If you have any special dietary needs, please let us know in advance, so we can let other participants know in advance
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