2020 Leadership Application
Please remember to complete the Trefoil Academy staff application before the deadline in order to be consider! Any incomplete application will not be considered regardless of prior service.

Please remember to review the job description and responsibilities for any position that you are applying for. Even existing positions are able to be refined and tweaked Applying for that position means you agree to fulfill those terms if accepted.

If you are accepted for a particular position, you are responsible for completing all tasks listed in that position's job description along with the area specific job description that you are hired under. If you are unable to, advance notice should be provided to your immediate supervisor for that job. While things happen in one's life, we need to lead by example. If we wish to increase the accountability among the staff community, then it is important that we too are accountable.

Job Chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15hbo52BPi0AJtAACUmH77vl2EOKSmYr0IHpS4Lb78Ck/edit?usp=sharing

Leadership Descriptions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17aATGgnGBRXh6auMRoJNdZNRnk-oiHYhg6UeJd2bnXA/edit?usp=sharing
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What supervisor and/or area lead position(s) are you applying for? *
If you are applying for multiple positions, please indicate what the possible combinations are. (For example: Sanity is interested in applying for Roles A, B, or C. Upon reading the descriptions for each of the roles, Sanity feels comfortable that they would be able handle Roles A and C at the same or B by itself. So below, Sanity would record it as Interest #1: A and C, Interest #2: B)
House Leadership Specific: Please select the house(s) you would prefer to serve in. While a listed preference is not guaranteed, it will be taken under consideration.
This pertains to Head of House, Assistant Head of House, House Captain, House Lieutenant positions. Accepted applicants may be assigned to a different team than they have served on in the past.
Have you read the job descriptions for those position(s) and understand that you are agreeing to fulfill the expectations/responsibilities of that position? *
What is your current vision for those position(s), and how would you go about achieving that? *
How would you prepare yourself in order to move into the role(s) that you are interested in? *
What do you view as the challenges of these role(s) and how do you plan on addressing it?
Tell me about a time that you managed/lead a group that helped you learn something about management/leadership. What did you learn? *
What is your current vision for the camp overall? *
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