10 Embroidery Roulette Stocking Form
THANK YOU for participating in our 10 Embroidery Roulette Stocking! Remember, for this stocking, you do not get to chose your embroidery unless you scored one of the embroidery 10 packs. Your embroidery will chose you! Simply choose a number that has been randomly assigned to one of the 10 featured embroideries and be in for a surprise!
After you have put in your order for your embroidered or non-embroidered diaper/s from our embroidery roulette stocking, you must fill out this form for EACH diaper you purchased by 2pm CT! (Limit was 2 embroidered and 3 non-embroidered, unless you scored a 10 pack of embroidered, in which case the limit is 10 embroidered and 3 non-emb). Some bodies may be more limited. If something runs out, we will honor body requests in order of INVOICE NUMBER. TAKE YOUR TIME FILLING OUT THE FORM AS ONCE IT IS SUBMITTED, NO CHANGES MAY BE MADE! Thank you so much and happy designing!
This stocking cannot be combined with previous orders.
Embroidery disclaimer: Minor imperfections in embroidery stitching are very normal. You may see some stitching fall outside of the border or slight gaps between border and stitching. Breakage of the fabric is also to be expected to some extent. It is impossible to avoid completely when embroidering stretchy laminated fabric. We try to pull out any with more noticeable flaws and issue discounts for 2nds, but even what passes as first quality may not always be perfect as it is just the nature of embroidery on PUL.
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5 Digit invoice number from your custom purchase (If your invoice is ID10211, just put 10211). *
Were you one of the 10 to score an embroidered 10 pack? *
YOU DO NOT GET TO CHOOSE YOUR EMBROIDERY! This is a gamble, and what you get will be a surprise! Select a number to ROULETTE for your embroidery! Each of the 10 featured embroderies has been randomly assigned to a number. We've added an extra number that is a WILD CARD number. If you get a HIT on the wild card number, your first choice embroidery will be given (based on the next question). *
IF your get a HIT on the wild card number, or if you scored one of the embroidery 10 packs, which embroidery would be your top choice? (They may or may not be listed in the same order as above). *HANK cannot be done in small size (newborn, small, size 0). If chosen, you will be bumped to the next number. *
We are allowing your to NIX (veto) one of the 10 embroideries. Which is your least favorite that you would NOT like to receive (we'll simply bump you to the next number if you happen to choose it).
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Would you be ok with ending up with 2 of the same embroideries? (Skip if this doesn't apply) There may be times when a bump, due to a veto or a wild card guess would land you with 2 of the same embroidery. If you select the same number, you will get 2 of the same embroidery.
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Embroidery Details *
You may make brief embroidery color suggestions here. (Limit 10 words). See below for thread color options. This is not a place for you to beg for a certain embroidery :) Since you may not know what embroidery you are getting, you may want to keep your request vague. 'Neon funky GN' or 'Pastel Girly with some variegated', for example. Or list 3 colors you'd like to see incorporated, 1) GW vari, 2) neon green, 3) fuchsia. Reminder that these are suggestions and although we do our best, we cannot always capture your vision. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a remake for a missed vision or misinterpretation of your suggestion. (Warning, if you go longer than 10 words, you risk your request being cut off). Available thread colors: red, orange, yellow, neon green, teal, light blue, mint, bright blue, royal, lavender, medium purple, purple, silver, gold, brown, neon pink, light pink, fuchsia, black, white, berry variegated (BV), pink rainbow variegated (PRV), blue/green variegated (BGV), foliage variegated (FV), blue/white striped (BWS), pink/white striped (PinkWS), green/white striped (GWS), purple/white striped (PurpleWS), pink/purple variegated (PPvari), Rainbow Variegated (Rainbowvari).
What size would you like? If adding snaps to your AIO, send $3 paypal to joy@ragababe.com *
What is your preference for the accents on this diaper? (Snaps, star, lining, etc.) *
What print or solid diaper 'body' would you like? Some are getting low. If we don't have enough of a certain size/color, they will be awarded in order of invoice/order number. If we over-sell, you will be contacted. Colors marked 'old generation' are not as durable/heavy as our new gen colors. OG prints may have slight print inconsistencies. *
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What would you prefer for your wings? Matching will be a pair of the same wing print, different from the diaper body (unless requested). Mismatched will be 2 different wing prints, different from the body.
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Give us an idea of your style for wings. Check all that apply if you are open to more than one style. *
Wing 'A' WING selection. What category would you like? Choose up to 4 categories. (NO MORE THAN 4!) We will design your diaper for you based on your input! This is not a blind draw for wings, we will try our best to design something you'll like! *
Wing 'B' WING selection. What category would you like? Choose up to 4 categories. (NO MORE THAN 4!) We will design your diaper for you based on your input! This is not a blind draw for wings, we will try our best to design something you'll like! *
Snap preference? *
Star color? Check one color for matching star or 2 colors for 2-face stars. (New Neon Green is brighter than the pic). *
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Do you want an overlap strip? *
If your diaper ends up having a minor flaw (2nd quality)... *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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