New P.A.S.S. Student Volunteer Initiation Form
Thank you for being willing to spend your time helping others! I (Robin Selzler, Embedded Support Coordinator) will use this information to contact you and match you up the best I can with the needs that we have. You should hear back from me within a week, and if you do not, I can also be reached at, or found in Q-6.
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Are you interested in being a Writing Tutor? *
Writing tutors are needed during seminar and after school. You do need to complete an application and get a teacher recommendation to be a writing tutor, and you must complete an initial training before you start tutoring. New tutors do ongoing training one lunch period every other week for the first semester. Writing Tutors also have a club that helps plan events like the Write-a-Thon. There are different levels of commitment for writing tutors, but we need people at every level, and the more tutors we have, the less work it is for any one person.
Are you interested in being a Math Tutor in the seminar Math Center? *
We need a wide variety of math tutors here. The math center is the most flexible tutoring placement--you can serve one day or two, and depending on how many students sign up, you may or may not be busy every seminar day. But if you sign up, we ask that you commit to making yourself available any time you are needed. You will receive community service based on actual days when you tutor.
Are you interested in being a Guided Studies Mentor? *
A mentor is paired with 1 to 3 students who have found themselves in Guided Studies due to a grade report with 3 or more D/F grades. Your job is to befriend, tutor, inspire, coach, encourage, and otherwise support your assigned student/s. All guided studies mentors must be there and on duty both Wed and Thurs during seminar.
Are you interested in being an Embedded Tutor? *
Embedded tutors work under the supervision of a tutorial teacher, who assigns you to a specific group of students with a specific task to work on together. Embedded tutors can be one seminar day only, but we prefer to have you both days. If you are only there one day, we need for you to have good attendance! Embedded tutors can work in many contexts--from subject-specific tutorials (Math 1, 2 or 3; Spanish 1, 2, 3, AP; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; CP or AP, etc.) to Special Education tutorials where you work with students on whatever they need help with.
Working with Special Education students: If you said YES to being an Embedded Tutor, please check all options that apply to you.
Are you interested in being a Charger Student Teacher? *
CST's are the most responsible of our seminar tutors, and have a lot to say about it on their college applications. CST's coordinate with the teacher of up to 6 students who are in the same course to reteach content, help make up for gaps in learning, and prepare students for tests. CST's generally work with groups in the library, and are in charge of setting the agenda for their groups by making sure they know what needs to be learned, reviewed and done during seminar time. CST's must be available both seminar days.
Are you interested in being a Tech Consultant? *
Charger Tech Team consultants are trained to help students resolve common iPad problems and to coach both students and teachers in how best to use the technology at our fingertips (for educational purposes, of course.)
Are you interested in helping with After School Tutoring? *
After School tutors commit to a regular schedule and post when they are there and what they can help with. You get Community Service just for being there and being available if/when someone comes in for help.
Are you interested in tutoring or mentoring during a free period? *
If you said yes above, what period?
Are you interested in being on the independent tutoring list that is kept in the counseling center? *
Counselors refer students to this list to find a personal one-on-one tutor. Students or parents contact you and you work out your terms with them--time, frequency, place, and payment if you want to charge for your services, etc.
Please tell us more about your responses above. *
What are your academic strengths? If you would like to help with math/science/lang, what class/classes could you help with? If you prefer to be more of a mentor, coaching peers to be better students in general, say so. If you prefer to focus on one or more specific subject matters, say which ones.
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During seminar, I can/prefer to serve...
How flexible are you? *
Name/s of teachers who can recommend you. *
If you want to do math, please put the name of a Math teacher, etc. If you are willing to do more than one thing as needed, include names of teachers who can vouch for you in the areas you are willing to help with.
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Please include here any questions you have, and I'll respond as soon as I can.
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