The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Jerusalem (CAHJP)
Application to use archival material
I wish to order the following archival files (please write the precise reference codes):
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1. Please fill out this form, specifying the purpose and topic of your research. A change in topic requires a new application.
2. Readers who quote material from the Central Archives in papers or publications are required to cite the Archives and the record numbers of the files cited, according to the following guidelines:
• In the case of original material, cite the record number of the file,
e.g.: CAHJP PL/68.
• In the case of photocopies or microfilms from other archives, cite the name of
that archives together with the original record number, followed by the CAHJP
number, e.g.: "Osoby" Archives, Moscow, 721/1-1; microfilm at CAHJP –
3. Publication of entire texts requires written permission in advance. Publication of facsimiles or photographs involves payment for rights as well.
4. A complimentary copy of any research paper or publication quoting material from the Central Archives must be submitted to the Archives by the author.
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