Teach a Flow or Dance Class or Workshop at Fire and Light Performing Arts Studio!

Fire and Light Performing Arts is now a community-based dedicated flow art (and dance) studio! We have a studio pod as part of Ingenuity Cleveland's IngenuityLabs program, located at the Hamilton Collaborative, 5401 Hamilton Avenue, Cleveland.

We launched our first class schedule for August 2018, and would like to expand our class offerings over the coming months. We seek skilled, professional individuals to teach classes or workshops in flow arts and dance.

*Teachers will be compensated per class
*Our current classes are for ages 18+, but hope to offer child and teen classes in the future
*We may not be able to accommodate all class/workshop types at this time, but we maintain all applications as our capacity increases
*Suggested class lengths are 60 and 90 minutes

How the process works:
1) Submit this application;
2) Upon review of application, studio director Violette may schedule a phone call and 15 minute demo class at the studio;
3) Upon passing a demo class, teacher and director determine class/workshop schedule

Have a suggestion for a class, a teacher, or visiting artist? Let us know!
Email violette@fireandlightarts.com with questions and suggestions.

You can also visit our website at www.fireandlightarts.com/classes for more information and current class registration.

Thank you!

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