Quaker Worship: Practice and Experience
In worship, "Friends seek communion with that of God within, which some Friends call the Living Christ, the Teacher with whom each one has a relationship." Pacific Yearly Meeting, Faith and Practice, 2001

What do we do in meeting for worship? How do we seek communion with that of God within? Are there practices that make this communion more likely or deeper? Is there guidance that can be offered to newcomers or to seasoned Friends looking for a deeper experience of worship?

What yearly meeting are you a part of?
How long have you been taking part in Quaker meetings for worship?
How old were you when you began taking part in Quaker worship?
Are you a member of a Quaker meeting or church?
How many hours per month, on average, do you spend in worship with other Friends?
Do you have a daily practice of individual worship?
How important to you is each of the following reasons for coming to meeting for worship?
Primary importance
Secondary importance
Lesser importance or not important
To encounter the divine, God, Spirit, etc.
To seek serenity
To receive guidance or clarity
To support my meeting or church
To learn more about Quakers and Quaker worship
To support what I believe is right politically
I like the community
Do you use a specific, regular practice to help you during worship?
How did you learn this practice?
If you have a specific, regular practice in worship, what is it? If your practice involves a combination of things, feel free to mark more than one box.
Do you have a regular way of preparing for meeting for worship?
If you have a specific, regular practice and you described it above, how effective has it been for you?
How often do you talk about your experience of Quaker worship with others in the Quaker community?
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