ScriptRead Cycle 7 RSVP
Season 2 continues with a new sizzling theme: Grown N' Sexy.
House opens at 6:45 with a special fun musical game: Can you guess which song goes with our samples? Prizes available. Check us out on Instagram @elmhurst_scriptread.

Featured Writers:
1. The Goddess of Love Speaks Out by Michele Miller
Directed by Viktoria I.V. King
Cast: Lawrin Green & Rachel Drayke

2. Ovid's Flea by PJ Edghill
Directed by Pat Jones
Cast: Katarina Morhacova, Alyssa Brayboy, Alex Emanuel, Michael Ford & Elle Genevieve

3. French Mgmt by Kia T. Barbee
Directed by Deborah Goodwin
Cast: Verina Banks, Tyler Ham Pong, Atticus Cain, Cameron Silliman, Freddy D. Ramsey, Jr & Rachel Drayke

4. Kisses by Deborah Goodwin (writer/director)
Cast: Thomasina Gross, Adrian Baidoo, Jonathan West & Elle Genevieve

Q/A to be presented by a special guest mentor.

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