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For those I haven't met yet, my name is Chris and I'll be coordinating PFS and SFS for ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT. I'm working on assembling my stable of GMs for the convention so I can schedule the scenarios and submit for prize support and PDFs for all you fine people.

If you are available and willing to GM one or more of the Con's available slots (July 11–14, detailed below) please email me by the end of March with which slots you can commit to running, as well as your preparedness/eagerness to run Starfinder. I will be using this information to set up the game schedule, so please do your best to make sure you can commit to the time(s). Depending on anticipated sign-ups, you might get all or only some of the slots you offer, so if you want to play as well please indicate your maximum number of GMing slots. I'd also like to have one GM available each slot as a backup ready to run Season 8 or 9's evergreen scenarios in the event of spillover players or wonky table turnout; let me know if you'd be willing to have those evergreens prepared so you can serve as a backup GM as well. I haven't organized ConnectiCon before so I'm not sure what the availability (if any) of Thursday slots look like yet; I'll send out that information as soon as I get it, but for now if you want to list availability for these slots too go ahead and let me know.

Thursday: 7p-11p: 4 slots
Friday: 9a-1p: 4 slots; 2p-6p: 4 slots; 7p-11p: 4 slots
Saturday: 9a-1p: 4 slots; 2p-6p: 4 slots; 7p-11p: 4 slots
Sunday: 9a-1p: 4 slots

We're always short GMs, so if you know anyone attending the con who might be willing to GM, please connect them with me at this email address so I can touch base with them.

For the games themselves, I hope to slot all the recent Season 10 PFS scenarios and Season 1 SFS scenarios. With so many scenarios out, it's likely there will be few repeated slots if both PFS and SFS are represented (basically one shot per scenario to play most of them). Peter will also be running three slots of Bonekeep. Let me know if you have preferences for which of these events you'd like to run. I cannot promise to make all your dreams come true, but I will try to slot you for games you're interested in/already prepared to run.

PLEASE NOTE: GMs are expected to provide their own Chronicle sheets for their events!! We'll have some wiggle room at the Con, but we just don't have the resources to print Chronicles for everyone on site.

ALSO NOTE: This year, due to scheduling, I will not be physically present at the convention. Instead, Natalie Kertzner of the Boston Lodge has graciously offered to oversee the execution of events once I've completed organizing them all. She is a total rockstar and highly knowledgable, and will be able to answer all of your organized play questions.

As per Con policy, please purchase your own badge for the convention now! You will be reimbursed appropriately based on the number of slots you GM at the end of the Con.
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