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Listserver Rules
The purpose of the Surf Research Listserver is to provide a forum for Internet discussions and announcements pertaining to academic research on surfing (including surf, surfers, and surfing resources and culture) and associated conservation and education efforts. The list is primarily for use by surf science researchers and students, conservation organizations, and educators, but is, with moderators’ permission, open to everybody.

A number of topics are appropriate for discussion on the listserver—a sample list is included below. The key criteria for pertinence to the list is that the subject matter of a post focuses explicitly on (a) surfing: surfers, surfing culture (including gender issues), surfing resources (water, waves, beaches, etc) and (b) questions or efforts to advance surfing research, conservation, or education.
Given such an explicit connection to surfing, appropriate surf science-related subjects for discussion might include:
- new academic publications or reports related to surfing
- new methods or technologies for surf science research
- academic and professional meetings relevant to surf science
- surfing protected area research
- surf research and conservation initiatives and opportunities
- announcements of surf science courses and field trips
- new and historical data availability
- controversial topics in surf science
Occasional digressions will be permitted, if for no other reason than to make reading informative and occasionally humorous. Please remember to bring it on home to the topics above once the digression has run its course.
- To Join the list, please complete this form (always available here:
- IMPORTANT! Messages with solicitations of a commercial or political nature, inflammatory commentary and other messages not appropriate for the Surf Research Listserver venue will not be approved for posting.
- Please Do Not Post Job Requests and Resumes. Posting Job Descriptions is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.
- Any postings made to the Surf Research Listserver are not the views of San Diego State University or the Listserver’s administrators.

Using the Surf Science Listserver
To post a message to all the list members, send email to:
You can subscribe to the list, change your existing subscription, or view archived postings via the Surf Research Google Group:

You can always revisit the rules here:
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