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Survey to gather feedback on your wishlist for 2018 and what you'd like to see in Apache Fineract CN.
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What are the top five pain points you face currently with your core banking system? *
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What are the five must-have features you'd like to see in Mifos/Apache Fineract? *
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Which of the following do you plan on using or offering in 2018? *
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Mobile Money Integration
Mobile Banking Application for Clients
Online Banking Application for Clients
Digital Credit Offering
ATM integration
Cryptocurrency or Blockchain
Mobile App for Field Officers
Agent Banking
Alternative credit scoring
Biometric identification
Mobile wallet offering
SMS notifications
What are the benefits of Apache Fineract CN (Gen 3) you are looking forward to the most? *
Not Very Beneficial
Not Beneficial
Very Beneficial
Greater scalability & performance via cloud-native architecture
Modularity and Extensibility via Micro-services
Better scalability via microservices
New functionality
Ease of integration with digital financial services
Ease of rollout of new alternative delivery channels
Improved support of general ledger for accounting.
Cleaner code and less tech debt.
How much do you think the new Apache Fineract CN (Gen 3) architecture will benefit you? *
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Do you think a new architecture is needed? *
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What are the most critical features you're hoping to see in Apache Fineract CN? *
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When do you expect or would like to migrate over to the new architecture? *
How important is feature parity with Generation 2 (mifos x) to you? *
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Very Important
What are the most important features from Generation 2 you'd like to see in Generation 3? *
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Do you have an internal product roadmap for your own solution? *
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