Office Heroes League | Health & Well-Being Workplace Assessment

This tool should be seen as a thought-starter and general assessment of aspects in the workplace that are supportive (or not) of employee health and well-being at your workplace.

Please fill out the form based on your personal experience or how the average employee at your office may perceive the questions. Results will be shared and discussed at the upcoming Office Heroes League Meetup.


    There are clear signals in my organization that the leadership and employees in general support others in their well-being and care.
    If I need to, I can adjust my work and work schedule.
    I am covered by a reasonable and sufficient health care plan.
    My company encourages me to take my vacation time.
    My company has a referral service to help employees who need employee assistance (EAP program).
    My company has programs to help employees change unhealthy habits (smoking, drug use, alcohol use, over-eating, disease management)
    My company rewards and recognizes employees who maintain healthy work habits and lifestyle.
    I enjoy a reasonable amount of flexibility and autonomy in my job.
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