Would you like to be part of Carver County's Largest Resource, Education & Community?

This is an exploration survey. The goal is to discover interest in Carver County to host a community group that will provide learning opportunities for solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, business owners and people who for one or another reason have a passion but lack the technical skills about Living Happy, Leadership, Marketing and Technology to help them reach their next level on their endeavors.

This could be also a place to share motivation, inspiration and to create a network of supporters for you and your business! How cool would that be? ...without having to leave Carver County.

Whether you are a newbie entering this space, or a seasoned veteran with your business this might be a great opportunity to socialize, share ideas, validate potentially new ideas and collaborate with others to advance your business faster.

It will take a few minutes, but it might be worth it. Thank you.
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Would you consider joining and supporting a local group that would provide a monthly meetup to share resources, education, tips to help participating businesses grow? *
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Do you AGREE with the following statement? "I would love to access a support networks of like minded people to help me grow my business, increase referrals and help stay up-to-date with the latest Marketing best practices. *
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The best day of the week to meet would be: *
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Would you be willing to meet in a different City in Carver County (traveling meeting) in a rotating basis? *
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What topics would you be interested the most to learn and get practical info & advise? *
How would you measure "Great Value" for your entrepreneurship or business, you would like to see from a group like this? *
Would you like to be part of the Leading Team? *
What would you be willing to pay to participate in such a community group per a 2 hour session? *
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Thank you for participating!
Now consider sharing this Survey to other people on your network. After the initial assessment we will communicate with you via email of any potential next step! Stay tuned! JLLB - jllbmedia.com
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