Triad 2020 Cosplay Registration
Please visit to learn more about the competition, including rules, divisions, awards, and more!

If you are entering as a group, please have a designated group leader who will be the point of contact for your entry. Please use your real name(s). If you wish to be called by a nickname, please indicate using (parenthesis) next to your name.
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If you are a solo entry, just skip the group related questions.
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Words Are Hard... especially names! Please tell us how your characters’ name is pronounced so that our emcees make sure they are said correctly.
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If entering as a group, Division is determined by the Division of the highest-ranking group member. If you are not being judged for craftsmanship please select "Exhibition" here as well.
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Example: “Tsukune lives a pretty normal life... until he inadvertently enrolls in a boarding school for monsters. Here is Haley & Darke performing Dancing in the Velvet Moonlight from Rosario + Vampire.”
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Questions, Comments & Concerns
Example: Do you need a handler? Sight/Movement restricted? Are you the parent of an entry?
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