Emergency Assistance Program
South Albany Community Church (SACC) members, regular attendees and people in the Albany area (defined as living within the Albany School District) may apply for financial assistance. Priority will be given to SACC members; however, consideration will also be given to regular attendees and others living in the Albany area. The Emergency Assistance Fund provides short-term, emergency assistance. It does not provide long-term/on-going or repeat assistance.

The Emergency Assistance Fund at SACC exists to help people with the following: rent/mortgage, utilities, transportation, food or other emergency needs. SACC does not pay the full amount due to meet an emergency need/bill.

This fund is not able to assist with the following:
 bills more than 60 days overdue,
 utilities already shut off,
 motel/hotel costs,
 people living outside the Albany area,
 rental assistance for anyone currently on the HUD housing program, or
 deposits and fees associated with move-in costs.

Emergency assistance requests will be reviewed as soon as possible, and a decision can usually be expected in 3-4 business days. SACC does not provide immediate help. An application is not a guarantee of assistance and SACC does not pay the full amount due of any bill. Receiving emergency assistance from SACC requires that you go through an application process. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Inaccurate or undisclosed pertinent information will cause immediate denial of your request. This process often requires us to ask probing, detailed, difficult and potentially uncomfortable questions. Applicants should be prepared for this possibility.
If you wish to proceed with an application for emergency assistance, please answer all the questions included in this application and provide the following documentation:
 Copy of specific bill for which you are requesting assistance (must be in the name of the person submitting
the request)
 Pertinent documentation pertaining to the specific bill, e.g., eviction notice
 Government-issued photo ID
 Contact information
 Proof of income, e.g., earnings statement from workplace, SSI benefits statement
 Last three bank statements for checking account and/or, if pertinent, other bank account statements
 Any other pertinent documentation, if requested during the consideration process.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Once it is determined if assistance can or cannot be provided, you will be notified. Any approved funds will be made payable to the provider of the service for which funds are
requested. No money will be given directly to you. Please note that SACC Office Staff do not have access to cash, and do not have authority to disburse funds. They may only take your application and leave it for the Emergency Assistance Coordinator.
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