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Mission of the Tuskegee University Parents Association
The name of this organization shall be Tuskegee University Parents’ Association and Advisory Council (TUPAC). The mission of the TU Parents’ Association and Advisory Council is to engage Tuskegee University parents and families in activities that promote the University and enrich their students’ undergraduate experience, to provide families with a formal link to the University, to make the TU experience a positive one for families, and to support affinity‐building initiatives for the University.
Tuskegee University Parents Association and Advisory Council serves as the official parent and family member organization. The Association and Council links our institution and the parents and family members of current students. Its primary purpose is to support the mission of TU’s Parent and Family Programs—to engage parents and family members of current TU students as partners in ensuring student success.
All parents and family members of current TU students shall be considered General Members within the Tuskegee University Parents Association.
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This information will assist the University in identifying student connections for sub grouping efforts to support information specifically by student's classification, major, and extracurricular interests.
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Please list at least one student from your family who is currently enrolled. If there are multiple members of your family attending we will capture their information at future time.
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