Desi Womxn Claiming their Narratives Project
Hello and welcome to The Katra Box’s story-sharing project! During this new project, we will be collecting narratives from our community on themes that align with our mission in hopes of creating a digital collective memory of desi womxn. Through this project, we intend for desi womxn to reclaim their narratives by sharing their truths and personal experiences.

This season’s topic for this project is: Colorism.
Now more than ever, as we continue our support for the Black Lives Matters movement, we believe it is important to acknowledge the presence of anti-blackness and colorism that exist within our own communities. Colorism is not only an expression of racism in South Asian cultures, but it also influences our community's beauty standards, having deep impacts of how young womxn form their identities. As a result, this deep-seeded cultural norm of colorism goes hand in hand with our implicit racial biases, our relationships with others, and even our relationships with ourselves. We acknowledge that racism, colorism, and texturism affects everyone in a unique way and so we embark on this journey.
We would be honored if you joined us in creating this collective of memories by sharing your own narratives with us. We hope that through this project, you are able to identify your voice, read about what others have been going through during this significant time in our lives, and find the space to heal together through shared and unique experiences along the way. And most of all, we hope to do your story—and every womxn who shares their story—justice.

You may choose to be anonymous for this survey. Share as much or as little as you want.
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What were the "beauty standards" when it came to skin color in your family / community while you were growing up?
Can you think of a time(s) when you felt like you did not fit into those standards?
What were some things you were told to do by your family / community members in order to fit into those standards?
Share some words that you think have impacted your relationship with your skin color (in any language; if not in English, please indicate which language and translate, if possible).
What would you tell younger women currently struggling to love their skin color?
How have you worked to overcome this stigma within your own family and/or community?
Would you like to stay anonymous? *
If you do give consent for us to use identifiers, please share a brief description about yourself.
We are looking to expand our Desi Womxn Claiming their Narratives Project even further by taking a deeper look into these relevant issues. This next phase of the project involves one on one interviews where we will focus on specific aspects of the questions above and your responses to them.  If you are interested and would like to learn more, please share your email.
What topics would you like us to engage with in future season's projects? (i.e. Colorism was this season's topic)
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