Plan Change Cell Savings Canada
Please read the following before continuing:

1) Fill out these forms with the correct information AFTER you have followed the steps for your situation via the instructions on our website.

2) Please DOUBLE-CHECK all information for accuracy to avoid any delays. If you make any typos, it will cause a delay.

3) Please be patient - we will provide an estimated time of completion once you submit this form. It takes 3-12 days on average to process your changes for NEW accounts that were submitted IMMEDIATELY as per our instructions.

4) Please note once submissions are made you are agreeing to allow us access to make the necessary changes to your account and TO PAY A CANCELLATION FEE OF $49 in the event you decide to cancel the process to reimburse us for our time.

5) NOTICE: Your first bill with the provider may be higher due to activation fees, partial charges for the days before the plans were changed, and taxes. Sometimes the provider will also put you ahead a bill cycle - that means you will be paying in advance for the following month as well - you are NOT being 'double billed'. Your second bill will reflect the appropriate total price for the plan you chose. THIS IS NORMAL. Reading the bill will also be confusing as phone numbers will show that you are not familiar with.

If you have read and agree with the above, please click "next" below. DO NOT PROCEED until you have followed the instructions on our website for your current situation!

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