Can you survive in the bush?
Bushcraft for Communicators is all about adapting to your environment, learning from others, and moving both fast, and far. In the new world of work, we believe that communicators who insist on sticking to the old ways will struggle to survive, let alone prosper.

This questionnaire will help you assess how "bush-ready" you are. To receive a customised, benchmarked report, please fill it out and then write to to receive your feedback report.

You can answer them on behalf of your organization, or yourself. You choose. Of course you can do both but you will have to refresh the page and go through the questions a second time.

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Are you answering this questionnaire by thinking about....?
How much do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements?
Strongly agree
Tend to agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Tend to disagree
Strongly disagree
Don't know
Following best practice is really important
Following a standard process is the key to success
I know how my business creates value
Winning communications awards and recognition is important
You should trust the experts in communications
Here are some paired statements. Please click where your views lie: if you agree 100% with the statement on the right, click the rightmost button. If 100% on the left: the leftmost. If something else: somewhere in between.
Tried and tested ways are the best
New and innovative ideas are the best
When it comes to comms, professional communi-cators know best
When it comes to comms, professional communi-cators should listen to people from other disciplines
It is important to get things right first time
The best is the enemy of the good
Quality is more important than speed
Speed is more important than quality
A successful change programme requires a detailed plan
Change plans are best when they emerge organically
Candour is more important than diplomacy
Diplomacy is more important than candour
Here is a list of brand names. Please tick the ones which you feel are closest to the way you or your organization approaches communications. You can tick as many or as few as you like
Overall, how good would you say you are (your organization is) at each of the following?
World class
Very good
Not very good
Don't know
Understanding and researching stakeholders
Communicating the need for change
Developing trust
Adapting communication to different points in the change journey
Resolving conflicts
Reinforcing and celebrating success
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