School Spirit Contest
Beware of trick questions. The student, staff member, or parent with the most accurate responses will win a prize! Responses are time stamped so getting your responses in quickly matters, but accuracy is a good thing. Fire up those Google search engines and your sense of humor...time to play!
How does a grizzly bear communicate?
How much does the average wild grizzly bear weigh?
Why is a grizzly bear called a grizzly bear?
What is the hump on the grizzly bear's back comprised of?
If a grizzly bear joined track and ran the 200 meter race, would it outrun a human?
What do grizzly bears excel at in comparison to humans?
Which of the following statements is false?
Is this a grizzly bear?
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If you win, we need to contact you. Please provide your email address. Thank you for playing along!
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